Vesper Contrail

Vesper "Ves" Contrail

Level 2 Martial Artist Striker
Background: Techskater
Origin: Neo-Human Clone
Kits: The Fountain

Computer Research
Corporate Sponsors (Connections)
Scent Tracking
Smooth Talk
Techskating League (Connections)

Dumb Luck

Work The Crowd: A Techskater can always put on a techskating performance worth watching and use it to get attention.
Perfect Polyglot: Ves is able to communicate in every method of audible communication, even weird ones like animal calls or robot beeps.
Eye for the Camera: Ves can always spot a camera, no matter how well-hidden, and thus always looks cool in media. As a minor side-benefit, he can also always choose to avoid being recorded.

Gullible: Clones were "born yesterday", so to speak, and are easy to convince. That's why it's so easy to make armies with them!
Rule of Cool: Ves often lets his showmanship get the better of him, and prefers the dramatic option over the practical one.

Friend: Coach Epson, his coach! Her first name is Lauren and she’s a sweet old grandma now, but she used to be an ace before she retired and hung up her skates.
Neutral: Caesar Contrail, the King of Swords, the original person he was cloned from! He was upset about being cloned, but isn't mad at Ves specifically and it's complicated.
Enemy: Hong, a heel techskater! She tries to beat him up a lot, in and out of the arena, so he tries his best to stay away from her.

Famous to Techskating Fans

Ves Contrail joined STINGRAY because he had lots of free time between techskating matches and felt like he could do more, and maybe make a difference. The idea of being a secret vigilante upholding justice also appealed to him as being super cool, and he leaped at the chance to play hero.

Kit: The Fountain
Groups: Driven to protect Techskating Fans. When you take a Disadvantage or suffer a negative result because of your drive, gain a Charity Token and write down the names of those you helped. You may spend three Charity Tokens when you are in trouble to get somebody you helped in the past to return the favor and help you now (if no one on your list is present, an appropriate one will show up).

Pity the Enemy: When you help someone for no personal gain despite their enmity, disdain, or disgust for you, gain an Action Point.

Wealth: Poor [1]

Motorized “Brass Icarus” Techskates: Techskates are required for techskating. These ones produce special air jets!
Stylish Clothing: Includes stylish light armor for extreme stunts.
Cool Sunglasses: Tinted eyewear! They have no cybernetic components.
Prehensile Scarf: Made of memory shape cloth and science! While wearing it, Vesper gains the skill "Scarf Lasso".