Vasily is the end result of a Russian project to cultivate a greater talent for the
occult by cloning and meddling with the genetics of some of its more talented
sorcerers. His actual occult talents are middling at best, but he's been able to
accept occultech cybernetic implants with ease. Vasily's creator defected to the
Foundation's Vandenberg institute after deciding the experiments were
getting unethical, so Vasily came along too. He's here to get an education and
make sure nothing weird happens to his body, but anywhere he can lay back
and flirt with other students suits him just fine.

Concept: Laid-Back Clone from California
Talent: Cybernetics Are, Like, Cool And Yeah
Student: Wikipedia Isn't Cheating, Right?
Drive: Impress The Girls
Free: Raised By A Mad Scientist

Careful: B (+2)
Clever: B (+2)
Flashy: A (+3)
Forceful: C (+1)
Quick: C (+1)
Sneaky: D (+0)

Cybernetic Implants: Vasily's smartphone is in his head, so he never has to
worry about it being stolen or out of reach and is always considered to have
access to a computer.
Grew Up In A Lab: Vasily can treat Raised By A Mad Scientist as his
Talent when trying to figure out weird occult stuff, especially illegal stuff.
Flirt: +1 to Flashily overcoming and creating advantages when interacting
with the opposite sex.

Hope 3