Teresa Mai Koenig-Suzuki

Teresa Mai Koenig-Suzuki

Age: 25
Refresh: 3
Current FP: 3
High Concept: Red Baroness
Trouble: Magnificent Bitch

Stress Tracks
Minor Any
Major Any
Serious Any

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Red Baroness
Magnificent Bitch
Warichi Wanderjahr
It's For Your Own Good
Get It By Your Hands

Superb (+5)
Great (+4)
Pilot, Empathy
Good (+3)
Intimidation, Will
Fair (+2)
Contacts, Deceit, Resources
Average (+1)
Melee, Physique, Ranged, Resources, Systems

Skill Chart

Superb o
Great o o
Good o o
Fair o o o
Average o o o o o

Mecha: Luft Panzer



A powered armor built for speed and maneuverability, painted red. It's designed for high speed assault and fighting mecha and powered armor. It's a standard model for the Martian foreign legion, though Teresa has customized it a bit, especially the paint job.

Invoke: Going fast, maneuvering, fighting other mecha, all out attack
Compel: Cause the mecha to break down or malfunction, there are places you can't take it, some people will react poorly, not very good for things it's not designed for


Reactive Boosters (Body, Internal)
Type 303 Rail Rifle (Limbs, External)

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