Stingray Dossier

Allies, enemies, and other persons of interest.


You and your PCs.


An organization dedicated to protecting the world by freeing it from the grip of the Corporate Court.

Persons Of Interest

The Boys Are Back In Town
6th Division is reorganizing thanks to the latest staff shortages, and there are some loose ends to clean up. Injured agent Sy Berg left behind a lot of data on his missions and STINGRAY assets that 6th Division would like to recover, but he left them in a friend of his and some local criminals are after it. You're going to have to get it out of her before they catch up.

Here Come That Stein
"Science criminal" Hergatz Stein has been busted out of the low-security prison he was held in, and STINGRAY wants him back behind bars before he does more science crimes. Could Maya's school have something to do with this? Who wants this guy anyway?

Deadman TV
The most secure prison in Neo Sydney is the island-jail Wonderland, run by the mysterious Deadman. You're looking for information on the murder of Soryu Hatsuharu, and an inmate might just have the information you need. Deadman likes to run game shows starring inmates on the side, and the next episode tapes tonight. What's the worst that could happen?

Fujiwara Plaza
In your quest to figure out what happened to the research of Soryu Hatsuharu and his friends, you've headed to a Christmas party at Fujiwara Corporation to get intel from another STINGRAY agent. Naturally, it's the same night a group of intruders capture the building to plunder its secrets. What are they doing here? Can you get out in time for Christmas?

Ganymede Project
5th Division's financial data map led you to the place Mr Johnson launders his money through: the idol agency Ganymede Project. Shutting it down would deal a serious blow to his operations as you move in on him, but can you infiltrate a place like this and get away with it?