The major governments of the early 21st century have largely collapsed, and the corporations have taken control. Many big cities are owned by megacorps, who ultimately answer only to the orbital Corporate Court. Neo Sydney is one of them.

Neo Sydney is a sprawling city built and controlled by international megacorps. If you've climbed the corporate ladder, it's a nice place to live; if not, it's a pit of crime and corruption.

Welcome to STINGRAY.

STINGRAY is an international foundation founded in the wake of the climate disasters that weakened the world's governments. In public, it's dedicated to emergency response, environmental science, and healing the world. In private, STINGRAY's secret mercenaries fight to restore order by any means necessary. If that means fighting the Corporate Court, so be it.

STINGRAY is an extremely secretive organization. Even its public side isn't well understood except to senior officials; its private activities, chain of command, backers, and origins are unknown even to many of its own members. This secrecy is vital to its existence: STINGRAY does not have the numbers to win a conventional fight against the megacorps, and it cannot afford to expose its backers.

The organization is constantly on the hunt for new members, and it will take anyone with great potential and the mindset they need. You've done a few jobs with them already, and now you're working for 6th Division.

6th Division

6th Division is focused on Threat Suppression. In practice, it's a special-operations task-force that maintains public order by seeking out and neutralizing small targets before they become big trouble. Sometimes that means gang leaders, executives, or criminals with special technology; sometimes that means a grab-bag of retrieval, investigation, and escort missions that a small team can handle. You need a diverse range of skills to keep incidents from escalating, and knowing how to use a weapon is essential.

In Neo Sydney, the 6th is even more overstretched than usual. Experienced agents have been put in the hospital, or retired, or transferred, or worse. It's you, your boss, and whatever mercenaries and informants they can scrape together for you at short notice.

Good luck.