PSMG Accelerated!


High Concept: What your character is about, what and who she is (e.g. Doomguard Elementalist, Harmonium Mage Hunter, Lorekeeper Of The Athar)

Trouble: What gets you into trouble. (e.g. Criminal Past, Scared Of Elves, "I Hate This City!")

Sigil: Your place, status and standing in Sigil (e.g. Connected Street Urchin, Only A Namer But I Try Harder, The Idle Rich, Born At A Forge)

Three More: Any three other aspects you think are important!


You get Approaches instead of Skills. You can do anything your character is reasonably capable of, Approaches just describe how you do it - Forcefully convincing looks and ends differently to doing it Cleverly, etc.

You have two at Good (+3), two at Fair (+2), two at Average (+1), and one at Mediocre (+0).

The six basic approaches are Careful, Clever, Flashy, Forceful, Quick and Sneaky. You can make up one other Approach to represent your character's faction leanings or magical powers. (e.g. Just (Aribeth), Mathematically (Sami), Ingenuity (Minorin), Lazy (Mei Lin)).

Stunts and Refresh

You start with 3 refresh and 3 stunts. If you want more stunts, you can reduce refresh by 1 to pick up another stunt (you can't go below 1 refresh though).

Fate Accelerated stunts tend to start with "Because I…", like:

I'll Get Around To It: Because Mei Lin is smarter than she looks, she can Lazily overcome any obstacle that could be overcome Cleverly provided she doesn't actually have to get up and do anything.

Stress and Consequences

Everyone starts with three stress boxes and one consequence slot of every type (mild, moderate and major).