The Eye of the Cosmos

Every morning, Paiia would rise and look down on her flock with excitement. Every day, humanity would surprise her with the things it thought of, the things they tried and the things they found. Every night, Paiia would wonder what she would see tomorrow.

Finally, curious of the fate of creation, she plucked a star from the night sky and created the Eye of the Cosmos, which sees all futures. Peering into the distant future, the Eye of the Cosmos told her many things. It spoke of the wonderful potential of humanity, of the things they would see and achieve, of their destruction at the hands of the demon Onamelech.

Paiia wasn't putting up with that.

By the next morning, Paiia's champions had descended into the Abyss and slain Onamelech in a surprise attack. He would not trouble humanity again.

The next night, the Eye of the Cosmos told Paiia of the foul god Atropos, and the cult which would eventually rise and call him to this world.

By the next morning, Paiia's high priest had received a vision. Precautions were taken, and when the cult of Atropos finally rose, humanity was ready for them. Their threat was averted.

The next night…


Paiia, the goddess of the sun, is a kind and caring deity who promotes good as the highest ideal, compassion and temperance as the greatest virtues, and the healing power of the sun as a cure for the world's ills.

Paiia is also a god of prophecy, always aiming to guide her followers towards a better tomorrow, but she does not believe in fate. Every new dawn is a second chance, and there's no fate but what you make yourself. As such she is also a goddess of redemption, but only in moderation - if the darkness of evil refuses to change, the light of the sun will burn it out.

Paiia is depicted as a beautiful golden-haired woman with four arms - her lower arms hold the white orb of the Eye of the Cosmos and a fiery sword. Sometimes she is held aloft by amber wings. Her holy symbol is a stylised four-armed angel before a sun.


Church of Paiia: The Church of Paiia is found everywhere, or at least almost everywhere humans can be found in Lerioth and Nhaudan, which is close enough. Her tall, airy temples in soft bright colours are a common sight in many towns, and her followers are the archetypal healers, offering medicine and a place to rest for the weary traveller and those with enough coin. They are also skilled with divinations, though any cleric of Paiia would add "…for what it's worth" on the end of that boast.

Knights of the Sun: Paiia's holy warriors are always on the hunt for the next good deed to do or evil to slay. They are a small group with little hierarchy; individual paladins often find their own paths, though the Sun Knights gather in large numbers for meetings every summer solstice and whenever something major is about to go down.


Paiia counts all non-evil powers as her friends and allies, particularly the Heavenly Host. She will try to talk evil powers into converting if they let her, and all are free to approach her and seek the insights of the Eye.

Not all like what they hear, either. All who barter for her services find that visions of impending victories can be foiled by their reaction to Paiia's vision just as easily as shocking defeats can be turned around. Evil powers might even receive utter lies, coyly vague statements or even just threats for their trouble. Sometimes, they're not even sure she peered into the future before answering her questions.

Paiia has few true enemies. Asmodeus and Paiia have a mutual distrust, and the ruler of Hell prefers to seek prophecies from people less likely to mess with them, yet he still seeks her out every 300 years. Zoxxoth has declared himself a sworn enemy and arch-nemesis of Paiia, and is further enraged by Paiia's attitude of complete indifference and offers of peaceful conversation and free divinations.

As for her servants, Paiia favours angels but will work with anyone who offers their service. Every century she appoints a new herald who can best deal with the events of the next hundred years; her current herald is Arziel, a four-winged angel who refuses to hear what the Eye has to say.

Holy Books


Paiia has few holy days and more "excuses to celebrate". Solstices and equinoxes are considered holy, though.