NTech Villains

Big Bads

0 Death

High Concept: Aztecal Lord
Other Aspects: A Form Fit For A God; This Isn't Over, 8 Wind!

Herbert West

High Concept: Herbert West—Reanimator
Other Aspects: Weird Science; Resurrection Reagent; Hubris And Respect Aren't Mutually Exclusive


High Concept: infovore.exe


Adrian Frend

Aspects: Office Drone By Day, Also By Night; Neighbourhoods Are Serious Business

Crispin Webb

Aspects: Park Astrodigital Diviner; God, What A Dick; We're All A Little Glad He's Dead

Nigel Sainsbury

Aspects: Cold Disciple Anthropology Professor; Breathed Deep From The Soul Hookah

Eleizer Chalmers

Aspects: Cold Disciple Archaeologist; Respected By The Public, Feared In The Underground