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The Chicago-Milwaukee Police Department does its best to keep crime under control in the city from its headquarters in New Arkham's Town Square. Up until recently, it avoided the occult stuff - while it has a Bureau Of Supernatural Affairs, the OOI pulled rank to take over many important occult cases, most of the skilled and promising supernatural cops were poached by the OOI or other agencies, and Commissioner Frank Kurt Cornelius Ruedi seemed to do nothing about it. Unfortunately for the city, it turned out that this was because he had converted to dark gods and was planning to weaken the city; after his arrest he was replaced by Deputy Commissioner Yvonne Reagan, who only barely survived her attempt to take Frank Ruedi into custody.

Yvonne wants a return to CMPD's better days, and partly blames the OOI for its current state. With Bold Daly's seal of approval Commissioner Reagan has started to rebuild, giving the BSA new powers, providing incentives for skilled people to join and hassling the OOI when they try to take cases from her. The BSA isn't ready to handle the big stuff yet, but puts off contacting the OOI by hiring freelancers (particularly mages) to fill the gaps.

Federal Security Bureau

The Feds police crimes of a federal nature - organised crime, drugs, fraud, etc. They also regulate dangerous technologies (including arcanotechnology, nanotechnology and AI) and bust cults. Unlike the OOI they obey the rules, and take their integrity very seriously. Though sgovernment agency charged with policing crimes of a federal nature. The FSB deals with organised crime, violent crimes and incident response. Though they deal with more mundane crimes, they are known to employ occult practitioners and offer very good benefits to ones with university degrees, particularly in criminology or forensics.

Players: Recently you discovered the FSB also hires occult creatures such as ghouls to work with them, providing protection and supplies in exchange for their services. It is unknown how the OOI feels about this, but if they do know, they don't care.

Global Intelligence Agency

The NEG's external intelligence branch, the GIA tries to gather, analyze and disseminate as much information as it can about the NEG's perceived enemies - the Migou, the Green Fury, Disciples, etc. They monitor communications, gather information from blogs and forums that might be useful later, and try to infiltrate or secure informants in cults. Information they receive is collected into intelligence reports which are shared with government officials and other agencies. They are also responsible for studying newly discovered rituals, artifacts and magical tomes and deciding what to do with them.

What most people don't really think about is that the GIA also spies on potential threats. The Martian Federation is almost certainly being infiltrated by GIA spies, and other colonies may be as well. They might even be spying on other parts of the NEG.

Metroplex Municipal Government

The mayor of the Chicago-Milwaukee City Council is Bold Daly. Daly was the Commissioner of the C-M Fire Department during the earthquake that rocked Old Chicago five years ago, and his heroics during the disaster cemented the reputation that got him into office. He ran on a platform of undoing the corruption that had seen 10 aldermen indicted and convicted of federal crimes in the last nine years alone and allowed a cultist to control the police force, and it looks like he is making progress. Daly has been praised for it as well as his work slowing offworld immigration, but opponents criticise his shelving of plans to reclaim Old Chicago and start work on an arcology. He is only in the second year of his term, though, so maybe later.

The Chicago-Milwaukee City Council is the legislative branch of the government of the Metroplex. It currently consists of 70 aldermen elected from 70 wards to serve four-year terms, who meet twice monthly to consider ordinances, orders, and resolutions related to the running of the city. Up until recently, several organised crime groups had large stakes in the Council through blackmail, bribery and in one case, a member of The Outfit literally entering politics and getting elected. Bold Daly is doing a good job stamping out corruption on the Council, but it's unlikely politics will ever be completely clean.

Office of Occult Intellligence

The official occult intelligence organisation of the NEG spends its time policing mystical crimes. When they're not trying to shut down the Arcane Underground, the OOI keeps an eye on known mages and knocks down every cult they can get their hands on. They get very broad powers to do their job - if people knew just how much they could get away with, they would be alarmed. That's the price you pay for keeping the Mythos down, though. They have been fairly successful so far, in part due to an impressive and aggressive recruiting policy which offers law enforcement officials, professionals and any halfway sane mage who can count to ten incredibly generous benefits for their service.

Even the OOI isn't perfect, though. The Green Fury sending an earthquake through what is now Old Chicago was a massive failure on their part, and some cults like the Xīng Shén Tong have been aggravatingly adept at avoiding the group. That has made them more aggressive in wielding their power lately. Some of their recent efforts have been directed into investigating the Eldritch Society, who suspect the OOI may even have been infiltrated.


Eldritch Society

This mysterious society of mages, scholars and extraordinary gentlemen's sole aim is to fight agents of the Mythos. They have offered their services to many agencies, and those who hire them have found them very capable advisors. They are a very secretive group, though, and much about them is unknown, which makes people wary - the OOI is pretty sure they're only seeing a small public face of a much larger cult, and the group seems to have access to unique, suspicious magics.

Thankfully, the presence of much greater threats means the Eldritch Society have enough time to try and make friends. The OOI is still debating what to do about them, and wants to learn their secrets. The GIA seem friendly to the Society, and claim they give very good intelligence. For their part the FSB are staying out of it, but have been very disapproving of the group's secrecy.

Players: What most people don't know is that the Eldritch Society is a worldwide order which fights with Tagers, holy warriors bonded with an extradimensional symbiote who can shapeshift into monsters. On top of that their actual goal is to shut down the even more secretive Children of Chaos - a cult that forced them into the open as part of their secret war. The Society never meant to go public, and are using some Tagers to present a public face while they scramble to hide the rest of their assets in case things fall through.

They are trying to make friends, but have reason to suspect the Children of Chaos have infiltrated the OOI, which makes sharing information with them difficult. On the other hand, in light of this information it seems like they already have friendly contacts in the GIA. It remains to be seen what will happen, but it is unfortunately clear that the Eldritch Society are losing their secret war.


Arcane Underground

The occult black market of the Arcane Underground arose in response to the NEG's strict regulations on magic. Banned tomes, illegal rituals, unregistered mages and everything in between can be found in Chicago-Milwaukee if you ask the right questions, and if you can't find it someone can probably get his hands on it. Though it has its own major players, the Arcane Underground is too big and broad for any group to control. It's an entire subculture now, with everyone involved from crooked government workers to lowly street cultists linked via their very own darknet social network.

Naturally, the NEG are not fans. An entire division of the OOI is dedicated to trying to shut it down, and what they can't stop they seek to stymie by slipping counterfeit censored tomes and faulty rituals into the system. The FSB and CMPD often find themselves tangled up in it as well.

The biggest (or at least, most notorious) players in the Underground are the Unclean Spirit Society and the Disciplines of the Cold Ones. Aside from them, several powerful independent mages, unstable cults and front-men for unknown corporations have carved out their own little empires, and the Xīng Shén Tong have been operating in the Chicago-Milwaukee Underground for a couple of years now.

The Outfit

The current incarnation of this old Chicago organised crime gang has a hand in nearly every mundane crime in the city. Its current boss is Bruno Pipistrello, a cold and calculating man who plans to maintain control as long as possible because he "wouldn't trust any other bastard to run this city". He is reportedly not a fan of Bold Daly, partly for being an incorruptible thorn in the mob boss's side but mostly for kicking his son off the City Council before he could legislate reforms to the traffic system.

Though they focus on mundane crimes which yield more profit for less risk, The Outfit employs mages and dabbles in potions and magical narcotics - nobody can say they're behind the curve. They have also researched plenty of ways of "retiring" mages who tangle with them, and happen to be the most feared magekillers in the Arcane Underground.

Its members have a thing for pinstripe suits and fedoras. They definitely do not run the nightclub Aldebaran, so what if some people there wear fancy pinstripe suits? Ain't no law against dressin' nice.

Unclean Spirit Society

The Unclean Spirit Society is mostly comprised of akathar who believe that the knowledge of the cosmos is their birthright. To that end, they seek to control the Underground and collect as many tomes, rituals and ancient writings for themselves as possible. The USS are completely fine with using black magic, especially against their enemies; as such, they are one of the most dangerous criminal groups in America. Their magical aptitude and piles of money make them hard to chase after, and they are currently in a stalemate with the OOI.

The Society is currently run by a group of akathar known as the Black Seven. The identities of each of the Seven are completely unknown, and in many cases so are their lieutenants. Their bases of operation are magically shrouded, though the old Whateley Manor is sometimes suspected as one. One of their lieutenants in Chicago-Milwaukee is probably "Mr Wizard", a half-akathar fixer nicknamed for his ability to simply disappear even when arrested and under surveillance.


Ashcroft Foundation


Sectors: Aerospace, colonisation, electronics, engineering
HQ: Deimos, Mars

Ares Engineering makes a lot of money producing the sublight ships that get people to the colonies and back. They seem to support the Martian Federation's policies, and have even moved their headquarters there, but they remain largely neutral in order to make more money.

HQ: Houston Metroplex

Sectors: Arcanotechnology, scientific and occult research
HQ: Chicago-Milwaukee Metroplex

Duvalle Laboratories is the best magical research alternative to Ashcroft. They are excellent with theoretical work, and seem to come up with some crazy new idea that impresses even Ashcroft every few years. Though they are based in Chicago, they contract mages all over the world. The current CEO is Shiing-Shen Chan, an arcanotechnician whose primary focus seems to be securing more government contracts.

Sectors: Videogames
HQ: Chicago-Milwaukee Metroplex

Who have brought you such games as…

SHOOTER KILL 2012! Robot Outlaw Summoner! Galactic Baking Romance! Undercover Kitchen Knights! Arcane Werewolf Strikes Back!

Sectors: Aerospace, spacecraft manufacturing
HQ: Tokyo

Sectors: Medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, medical research

Sectors: Climate control, green technology, nano-ecology, terraforming
HQ: Tokyo, Japan

Sectors: Film, television, satellite television, e-news, interplanetary communications, blogging
HQ: New York Metroplex