Douglass & Sigimund Case Dossier


Season 3

Obligatory Beach Episode, Also Cultist Murders

Magical Girl Mercy

Sidequest: Guess who got magic powers!

The Brotherhood of the Morning Star

The Case: Hot on the trail of Mr Key, the detectives meet the OOI's Public Information Analysis Section 7. They suspect Mr Key and the Revelators might be competing, and that the Rite of Holy Ascension might have something to do with it. The trail leads them to Arkham, Miskatonic University and the local eccentric wizards…

Aztlan Style

Sidequest: While the detectives are busy with paperwork, Chima and her Muvian friends call Mr Key for help starting their new m-pop band. The task he lays before them: Get the Teocalli of Tezcatlipoca. Why? Who cares, just do it.

The Little Flower Girl

The Case: Lotis. Outsider Tainted, Eldritch Society contact, and most importantly, paying Amon rent. She dug up dirt on the Revelators of Glaaki to get out of rent for a while, and was murdered for her trouble. With a samurai sword that shoots lasers. Who does that? And who will get their vengeance first?

The Mystery Club

The Case: New Arkham High student Mark Prior killed himself last night, by overdosing on the para-psychic suppressant drug Prohibex - except nobody at the school is a para-psychic. Where did he get a wine bottle spiked with drugs? And what is with all the weirdness at the school lately?

All Hallows' Eve

The Case: Local pizza chef Jack Solomon has turned up in his apartment, minus his head. Why would anyone want to kill Jack, let alone take his head? And why did he take an interest in the occult recently?

Season 2: Past Mistakes


The Case: Somehow, Axe Stavros has escaped an OOI secret prison and he wants revenge. He's rediscovered the power of C://0r0nz0n, and with it he intends to attack everyone who pissed him off - and collect body parts. What is his problem? What is he going to do with them? And who is helping him anyway?


The Case: In this two-part adventure, Prince Xelasa sends the detectives to the lost continent of Mu, circa ~23-22,000 BC. He hopes they will die there, but instead they make a daring escape from prison with the help of a local pirate. Now, the only way to get back home and stop Xelasa is to help a rebellion…

The O-13 Division

The Case: The Children of Chaos are deeply interested in Duvalle Laboratories' mysterious O-13 Division, their premier research and development team. The detectives take a look - and it turns out they are based in Duvalle Tower, in the ruins of Old Chicago. What are they doing out there that needs to be hidden away in a land of monsters?

The Bro Files

The Case: The Eldritch Society doesn't normally hire outside help, but Athena is down with the detectives and needs their help badly. They have intelligence which suggests the Children of Chaos want to steal something from Mayor Bold Daly's occult collection, but they don't know what, how or when. A party being thrown by his nephew Chad might be the answer…

Too Ghoul For School

The Case: Crispin Webb might have been a jerk, but he was also a wizard, and when wizards are murdered in their homes the BSA takes notice. The detectives are hired to figure out who did it, but why turns out to be much more interesting.

Season 1: Disciples of the Cold Ones

Get West

The Case: The Disciples of the Cold Ones have set up in Busy Hands under the guidance of Herbert West—Reanimator. The detectives have a chance to make a big arrest, but how do you take down a centuries-old scientist who can come back from the dead?

The Villanueva Sextant

The Case: There's been a break-in at the Field Museum. A professor is in a coma and one very specific artifact is missing - the Villaneuva Sextant, which helps the wielder perceive dimensions beyond what humans know. The trail leads the detectives to the Busy Hands Research Facility, and a cult preparing to strike…

Explosions With Alpha Green

The Case: Alpha Green is one of the most important and publicised mecha squads in the war against the Green Fury. When their star pilot starts having nightmares that interrupt his sleep, the entire war effort could be damaged. Who's attacking him with dream magic and how did they get past the NEG's wards?

Fast Times at Chicago University

The Case: Akathar elder Dr Nouga has a problem. Some stranger has been blackmailing him with private information on his daughter Kisany, and now they want him to use his political influence for them. Behind his back, Kisany wants the detectives to find a magical tome someone just stole from her before he finds out. Who's doing the blackmailing, and did they steal the tome?

Mystery Box

The Case: Larry Eckardt's arcanotechnician father Arthur killed himself a month ago. Larry's mostly over it, but now someone's broken into his apartment - and they went straight for Arthur's books and notes. What are they looking for? And why did Arthur really do it?