Norman Douglass
Norman Douglass
Age: 38
Template: Pure Mortal
Refresh: 5
Current Fate Points: 5

Physical: [] [] [] []
Mental: [] [] []
Social: [] [] []

Minor Consequence:
Major Consequence:
Serious Consequence:

Extra Minor Mental:

Tenuous OoI Freelancer

The Office of Occult Intelligence can't be everywhere at once. They have to stay within budget too, after all. For the big jobs, they have agents; but for just keeping an eye on things, there's always freelancers. Norm was a perfect candidate as a PI. Of course, big jobs can happen anywhere and everywhere, so those freelancers better stay on their toes. On the other hand, Norm rather enjoys his individuality, and may not be the OoI's most loyal freelancer.


Private Investigator Turned OoI Freelancer
Magic is Not to be Trusted
A "Colorful" Childhood
Made a Fedora Work
Friends in Low Places
Shoot To Wound Old Fashioned Charm
Stubborn As A Mule