Nakol the Bonestorm

Nakol the Bonestorm
Age: -
Appearance: -
Refresh: 2
Fate Points: 2
High Concept: Honorable Rukhan Judge
Trouble: Talk Is Cheap!

Physical: [][][][]
Mental: [][][][]
Social: [][]

Heritage: Ectothermic Brute

Nakol was an only child — in that he was the only little rukhan of his clutch to survive their brutal childhood games.
One day during elementary school, Nakol was accused of stealing from another classmate. He didn't, but wasn't believed.
He went after the other hatchlings until he found the true culprit, with a mix of legal knowledge and endless violence.
Being exonerated in the end cemented Nakol's belief in rukhan justice, and he resolved to become a judiciary official.

Honorable Rukhan Judge
Talk Is Cheap!
Ectothermic Brute
Behold My Power
You Cannot Escape The Law
Not Racist, Just Ignorant
I Am The Law Of Outer Space