Maya Thynne

Maya Thynne

Level 2 Archer Leader
Background: Mist Academy Student
Origin: Slum Kid
Kits: The Spy

Sharpshooting, Squad Tactics, Negotiation, Running To Class With Toast In Mouth, Academy Professors (Connections), Brawling, Hitting The Streets, Explosive Traps, Escort Missions, Lookout, Snooping Around

Get Down!: Maya can take a bullet for another person, if she can plausibly get to them on time.
Threat Assessment: A Mist Academy Student can always identify the greatest danger even in the most unassuming situations.
Action Stunt: Maya can always overcome physical obstacles in style to chase down or shoot someone.

Go Loud: Where subtlety fails, excessive force and cool explosions gets it done.

Overbearing And Overprotective
Caring For Three Siblings

Mist Academy: Her latest string of high-paying jobs, although super-classified, have made her popular among her juniors (Admired)

Hiryu Hatsuharu: STINGRAY associate, absolutely not Maya's type (Friend)
Vicky Liao: Classmate from Mist, they both like awful shojo manga (Neutral)
Hergatz Stein: Scientist jerk that Maya shot at the leg and would probably shoot again (Enemy)

At first, Maya enrolled into Mist Academy to get a job with Valkyrie Security Solutions and earn enough for her family to get out of the slums. Turns out that not only does the operator life work really well for her, it gives her a great opportunity to take her aggression out on people using high-caliber rounds. STINGRAY put her on speed-dial to make sure she points her gun at the right people.

Kit: The Spy
Details: When you ask around for information on your enemies, roll an appropriate Skill.
On a Success, pick two:
• Learn a vulnerability of your enemy.
• Learn something your enemy needs to continue their plan.
• Learn somebody who is working for your enemy.
• Learn where your enemy is headquartered.
On a Twist, pick two, but the GM will lie to you about one of them. With a Bonus, you meet someone who shares your enmity and will provide material support.
With a Cost, pick one:
• You were too loose. Your enemy gets word about your asking questions. You’ll be at a Disadvantage on one later roll of the GM’s choosing.
• You agreed to too much. You owe somebody a Favor.
• You were too tight. You didn’t get the whole story. One of the pieces of info has a Flaw.

First Aid (From Doctor): After each combat, you may reduce one ally's Strikes by one for the purposes of calculating Conditions (not Concessions).

Wealth: Poor [1]

Designated marksman rifle
Single-shot grenade launcher
Assorted tacticool gear
Tactical Visor: Trendy AR glasses that smartlink to her weapons and give her an Advantage to her Sharpshooting rolls from sniping positions.