Lyserg Schroeder

Lyserg Schroeder
Age: Nope
Appearance: Brown hair, short stature, big glasses. Red eyes. Gotta have red eyes.
Refresh: 3
Fate Points: 3
High Concept: Shocking Burst Encyclopedia Brownhair
Trouble: She Blinds, With Science

Physical: [ ][ ]
Mental: [ ][ ][ ][ ]

Shocking Burst Encyclopedia Brownhair
Lyserg used to be a tiny, quiet, booknerd, barely able to talk, but with a phenomenal memory. Due to a radical chemical change, however, she finds herself much more eager to learn. Her massive knowledge stores are unaffected by the change - if anything, her newfound openness lets her learn more. She no longer suffers from debilitating agrophobia. If anything, maybe she's a bit too open to talk to people about anything.

Invoke: Lyserg can still pull the most obscure or obtuse fact out of her head at just the right moment - and she can get it out there quicker and easier.
Compel: Lyserg has trouble with her newfound energy - she may get distracted when trying to think of something, leaving her less than useful

Shocking Burst Encyclopedia Brownhair
She Blinded Me, With Science!
Make Your Own Way
One Truth Prevails…very very quickly.
Wound Up Like A Spring
Let's Get Charged!