Mr Key

To bust this arc's case open, you need to solve the mystery of Mr Key. To do that, you need to figure out the Rules. Rules can only be figured out by investigation and guesswork; if you guess a Rule with sufficient evidence, I will add it to the list. There may be more Rules you already have evidence for.

How To: The Call

☑ To call Mr Key, dial X2-0101-646-480-6649.

☑ Calls are free!

How To: The Deal

☑ If the caller tells Mr Key what they want, Mr Key will give them a Task. If the caller accepts this Task, a Deal has been struck.

☑ The Deal is as follows: Upon completion of the Task, the caller will get what they want.

☑ The caller can back out of the Deal at any time. At no point is the caller forced to complete their Task.

☑ Multiple people can make deals in one call.

☑ Only one Deal can be struck at a time per person. However, multiple people can make related deals.

How To: The Money

☑ When a Deal has been struck, the caller will receive a sum of money.

☑ The caller must spend their money wisely.

☑ If they don't, something bad happens. It's usually an accident.

How To: The Return Call

☑ When your Task is complete, Mr Key asks that you call him back and tell him how you feel about it. That's all.