Joe Cooper

Joe Cooper

High Concept: Slacker In Over His Head
Trouble: Brains He Never Uses
Refresh: 4

Stress Tracks

Good (+3): Fists, Resolve
Fair (+2): Empathy, Engineering, Presence, Rapport, Investigation
Average (+1): Academics, Artillery, Bartering, Burglary, Deceit, Stealth

Slacker In Over His Head
Invoke: Be easy-going in the hairiest of circumstances
Compel: Have no idea how to handle a situation, goof off when he shouldn't

Brains He Never Uses
Invoke: Have a cunning plan, think on his feet, be surprisingly receptive
Compel: Not bother trying in the first place

Grew Up In A Rough Neighbourhood
Invoke: Drink, brawl, blend in with a rough crowd, tolerate rough conditions
Compel: Have trouble fitting in with or trusting the upper-class

Wanted To Go To Space, Did
Invoke: Know about previously discovered Artifacts and Cradles, spaceship operations and cool things about space
Compel: Be distracted by cool space stuff

Been There, Done That, Got Fired
Invoke: Remember some useful skills from a job worked for a few weeks once
Compel: Lack the in-depth experience a veteran would

Blue-Collar Worker
Invoke: Perform swole feats like heavy lifting, operating heavy machinery, construction and maintenance work, and casual racism
Compel: Take the traditional extended lunch break

I Will Be Like Biff Spacepunch
Invoke: Dramatic adventures, oneliners, alien babes, generally being like that space hero in that TV show
Compel: Copy dumb ideas from that space hero in that TV show