Jia "Jet" Fu

Jia "Jet" Fu

About 5 years ago, Jet was the heel of the skating scene. Known for her dirty (if technically allowed) play, aggressive cut-offs, and basically being a complete asshole to everyone else in the race, she was like a rain of hail on the skating scene. The viewers either loved or hated her, but either way, they tuned in.

Maybe someone got fed up. Maybe it was just coincidence. Either way, Jet's skates suddenly locked up while she was taking one of her trademark Vandal Grinds across yet another beautiful piece of architecture. Like Icarus, she fell to earth. Well, if Icarus was an asshole.

Thankfully, being an asshole did not extend to her financial advisor, who managed to pay only the majority of her saved winnings to replace her irreparably damaged body parts. Jet is now some 65% cyborg, one of the largest conversions ever done.

Cyborgs are banned from techskating competitions against augmented humans. And nobody watches the cyborg leagues - it's a snorefest when everyone has the same auto-legs.

So what was a girl to do except become a highly sought after transporter of quasilegal items?

A lot of things, really, but none of the others gave her a good excuse to outskate motocyclists.

These days, Jet is mostly forgotten except as a footnote, and the surgeries have rearranged her face pretty good. Nobody is like to recognize her. Which on the one hand, ugh. On the other hand, UGH!!

She signed up for STINGRAY out of a weird sense of lingering guilt about never apologizing for anything before and because being able to check people again was too tempting to pass up.

Level 2 Disruptive Menace
Background: Cyborg Courier
Origin: Ex Star Skater
Kits: The Brute

Gotta Go Fast
Zoom and Enhance
Triple Jointed
Wireless Access Point
Inhuman Precision
Dynamic Entry
Skating Dating

I'll Just Pop that Wrist Off: Conventional restraints cannot hold a cyborg courier who can bend 6 ways and pop off her hands and feet.
Used to Be a Contender: Jia knows the back way into any skating event, as well as a good analysis of the competitors and where the bathrooms are.
Sincere Sarcasm: Jia always knows just what to say to needle someone into getting annoyed at her.

High Maintenance: Cyborg shit breaks down, yo. Also, pass the fatty tuna.
PGProblems: Being constantly connected to the net makes you vulnerable to viruses. Cryptolocker is even worse when it locks up your spleen.


Fallback:Too Fast Too Furious

Can't Stay Still – Turns out being a cyborg with enhanced reflexes and perception means regular work gets really boring. Might as well vent that boredom for something useful instead of buzzing people on the highway.

Kit: The Brute
Details: You are a paragon of physical accomplishment. When you roll a Twist on a task of athleticism, speed, strength, or appetite, you may gain the Winded Condition to re-roll.

No Prison Can Hold Me: When you try to break your bonds, roll an appropriate Skill.
On a Success, pick one:
• You do it silently.
• You do it with terrifying swiftness.
On a Twist, you break them loudly and your foes have time to steel themselves.
With a Cost, pick one:
• You are Winded.
• You are still partially entangled and have Disadvantage until you fight free.
• You break something. Pick a Flaw for one piece of your equipment.

Wealth:Rich [2]

Reputation:Couriers ["She's a dick, but she never bails on us."]

Gear: "Hayabuster" Skate-Feet, Spare Parts, Antenna