Jae-Yun Carter

"You're being promoted - technically."

Jae-yun should have run away and never looked back when she heard that. Of course, if she was the type to run, she'd have bolted quite a bit before that. Maybe around the time she was transferred to Australia? Or the first day in the office there?

That certainly hadn't been what she expected after being headhunted by STINGRAY! She knew she'd have to work her way up the totem pole, no matter that she'd graduated college two years early with top marks in the class, the youngest to make it through the rigorous Corporate Security Policy coursework. But she hadn't thought it would involve fetching coffee and answering the phones at an out of the way regional office.

It had been a bit depressing, but Jae-yun was a habitual go-getter. So she sucked it up and set out to be the best coffee fetcher and phone answerer ever, certain that her diligence would be noticed by higher ups and rewarded.

Well, apparently the higher ups had a funny definition for "reward." She'd arrived one morning to find nearly every other employee packing up their desks for a transfer. In short order Jae-yun was called to the boss' office and informed she was now the site manager! Along with her new responsibilities came a full set of keys - office, stock room, document safe, armory, garage, most critically kitchen supplies - and exactly zero direct reports to help her out.

In fact, given that the office was now critically short-staffed, Jae-yun was going to be cross-trained for field operations. Of course, since that was in a different department than site personnel, she'd be at the same rank there as the rest of the team. And the boss would be her direct supervisor in both lines, but her assessments would be totally independent.

Protestations that she had no transferable skills for field ops earned Jae-yun nothing. Apparently STINGRAY knew about her off-hours hobby, and figured fooling around with high-performance vehicles made her perfect for operating a combat hardsuit system.

Loaded down with a much heavier key ring, an armful of manuals for both her new roles, and a training schedule that left little time for breathing over the next week, let alone sleep, Jae-yun had staggered back to her desk and briefly considered having a nervous breakdown on the spot.

Then she took a deep breath, called her mother to break the disappointment that, no, she really didn't have the time for her sister to come visit, and no she wouldn't be making it back for the holiday, then got to work.

At least she'd gotten a raise…

Level 2 Buddies Defender
Background: Site Manager
Origin: STINGRAY Intern
Kits: Scholar
Fallback: Procedure

Corporate Politics
Encryption and Security
Real Estate
Networking (Connections)
Rigged Piloting

The Black Files: A Site Manager can always find a secret to leverage against anyone who matters.
Shaped Like a Friend: If someone isn't actively an enemy, Jae-yun can always find a way to turn them into a friend.
VCR: Jae-yun can perfectly operate any cyberlinked vehicle.

Cinnamon Roll: Jae-yun is, at heart, a very nice person, which does not fit well in a very rough business.
Overworked and Underpaid: What it says on the tin.

Friend: Null, Roll, Medi, Unity, Vicky
Neutral: Nene, Smiling Jin, Dr Mihara, Hong
Enemy: Tiger Shark

Motivation: Jae-yun wants to prove to everyone - including herself - that she belongs on the STINGRAY team, even if she found herself on it mostly by accident. She also wants to make sure the team works together and efficiently (including the boss).

Wealth: Poor [1]

Kit: Scholar [3 tokens]
Details: When you discover something strange or inexplicable, gain an Insight Token and write down the strangeness. You may spend three Insight Tokens to have a eureka moment about one of the things on your list. This is a sudden stroke of insight, equivalent to rolling a 6 on a knowledge roll. And yes, this can be used to learn knowledge Skills.
Advances: Polymath - When you make an Unskilled knowledge roll, you may roll using the Skilled table. If you do, and you roll a Bonus, you must choose to learn the Skill.

  • Nene Aramaki
  • The Science Six
  • Deadman's Prison
  • Cybires

Gear: LG Q90x VCR, PDA, office keys, motorcycle (Kawasaki Samurai J3), light gun, augmented jumpsuit, hardsuit (Hyundai Armoroid Type 63-H), motorslave frame (Hyundai Motoroid Type Z63-S).