Level 5 Human Necromancer (+Int, +Cha; +Int, +Cha, +Dex) []

One Unique Thing: Mostly-living and mostly-disloyal 'daughter' of the Lich King (after the whole turning people into ghouls thing).

Str:    10         0
Con:     8        -1
Dex:    14        +1
Int:    22        +5
Wis:     8        -1
Cha:    17        +3

HP: 56/56 (temp: 0) [base: 6+1]
Recoveries: 8/8
Recovery: 1d6+1 per lv

AC: 16 (10 base + 1 dex + 5 lv) (median dex/int/wis)
PD: 15 (10 base + 0 str + 5 lv) (median str/dex/con)
MD: 19 (11 base + 3 cha + 5 lv) (median int/wis/cha)

Initiative: +6 (1 dex + 5 lv)

Racial Powers:

  • Quick to the Fight
  • Bonus Feat


  • Wasting Away (Adv)
    • Add +1 to necromancer spell attacks; don't die until you fail 5 death saves
  • Dead Wizard (Adv)
    • Cantrips except mending, light is sickly or dark; can take a wizard spell in place of a necromancer spell of the same level. Can change any full heal up. Also gain a bonus wizard spell at least two levels below (your level or 5), can change any full heal up.
  • Death Priest(Chm)
    • Gain a bonus cleric spell at least two levels below (your level, or 5 for the feat), can change any full heal up.
  • Sorta Dead (Adv)
    • Resist Poison 16+, Resist Negative Energy 16+
  • Utility Spell (Adv)
    • Each Utility Spell you take lets you cast two spells from the available options instead of one.

Class Features

  • Arcane Implements
  • Death's Master
  • Ritual Magic
  • Spell Choices
  • Summoning
  • Wasting Away (see feat)


  • Dead Wizard* (see feat)
  • Death Priest* (see feat, also can seance two times per day, also can use icon relationship advantages as interactions/discussions with spirits of the dead in the area)
  • Sorta Dead* (see feat)
    • No need to eat or sleep or breath; can't drown in normal water/liquid. You decide if you want to count as undead for a specific effect when a spell or target applies. First time dying each leve, get a save + CHA, heal with free recovery on success. Resist Poison 16+, Resist Negative Energy 16+

Spells (3xlv3 @ lv5, 1 priest@lv3, 3xlv5 @ lv5), +1 to attack from feat

  • 3: Utility Spell (Special, Wizard spell, pg 150, feat: cast twice)
  • 3: Summon Undead (Daily, Ways 86)
  • 3: Channel Life (1 battle, ways 85, lv 3)
  • 3: Mighty Healing (Daily, pg 99)
  • 5: Chant of Endings (At Will, Ways 85)
  • 5: Summon Wraith (Daily, Ways 90)
  • 5: Fireball (Daily, pg 156)

Backgrounds (8/11)

  • Princess of the Ancien Regime +3
  • Sacrifice at Large +2
  • Unaccredited Wizardy +3
  • Keeper of Forgotten Lore +3

Icon Relationships

  • Lich King [Conflicted] 2
  • Archmage [Conflicted] 2

Base Attacks

  • Dagger (Melee - +0 - H: 1d4+0 - M: 1)
  • Dagger +2 (Melee - +0 - H: 1d4+0 - M:1)
  • Staff (Melee - +0 - H: 1d6+0 - M: 1)


  • Dagger (Ritual Knife) (1d4)
  • High-Elven Dagger (2nd Age) (1d4) +2:
    • +2 Dagger of obvious High-elven make from the second age.
    • Powered by blood. The more blood it gets, the more magic it gives whoever is wielding it. Sentient life is better, other mages best.
    • If used to kill someone, it recharges an encounter. If used to murder someone, recharges a daily. If used to ritualistically murder someone, allows you to create your own rituals that act with extreme potency.
    • If used to kill by a non-spellcaster, they explode messily.
  • Staff of Bones (1d6) +1:
    • +1 staff that can cast Command Undead 1/day as a necromancer of your level.
    • Quirk: collect bones whenever you see them
    • White wood, carved to look as if it were made of bones. (Wrapped in ribbons by Helecate.)
    • "The staff feels warm and soothing in your hands - but you can feel a malevolent energy coursing inside. One that you can totally control, of course. Right?"
  • Clothes (Sleeveless short black dress, longer skirt underneath.)
  • Proper pointy wizard hat, with the tip bent to the side following the latest adventuring wizard fashion
  • Pointy shoes. ("Boots") Not magic, but psionics; +2 to disengage checks, and can use the high elf racial as a daily (1/long rest as move action, place yourself at any location you can see.)
  • Miscellany
  • 25 gold
  • Healing Potion (Cult treasure)
  • Healing Potion (Cult treasure)
  • Potion of Stoneskin (Resist vs Phys, Cult treasure)
  • Perfume based on Imalia's recipe
  • Very nice mirror, Winter Starlight gift; also a crappy mirror, thanks dad.