Harrison Kinsey

Harrison Kinsey

Age: 23-27? Near Lyserg's, apparently.
Appearance: Large and in charge.

High Concept: Perspicacious Pirate Prince
Trouble: Big Bone to Pick
Other Aspects: Quantum Phasing, Large and in Charge, Complex Superiority, Horticulture Supremacy

Refresh: 3
Fate Points: 3

Stress Tracks
Minor Any
Major Any
Serious Any

Perspicacious Pirate Prince
Invoke: ????
Compel: ????

Big Bone to Pick
Invoke: ????
Compel: ????

Quantum Phasing
Invoke: To "dodge" an attack by not being there when it hits (or to sink through the floor or somesuch).
Compel: People with lamer powers are so jealous. Oh, and it can be hard to keep his criminal family connections quiet. Compel: It doesn't work with… living flesh! Harrison cannot phase through living people, or even living plants.
Compel: ing trees.

Complex Superiority
Invoke: To plan something complex to perfection, to have perfect timing, to have planned for just such a situation, and so on
Compel: To go for an overly complex solution when a simple one would be better, or for Harrison to just assume he's better than someone else (arrogance, or rubbing them the wrong way, either one.)

Horticulture Damacy
Invoke: To know a lot about flowers, to stick to a timetable, to smell nice.
Compel: To focus on his hobbies or timetable over what is really important, to resist a chance to do something new for a chance to water flowers.

Great (+4)
Burglary, Notice, Systems
Good (+3)
Deceit, Ranged, Investigation
Fair (+2)
Stealth, Will, Mecha
Average (+1)
Melee, Rapport, Empathy

Skill Chart

Great o o o
Good o o o
Fair o o o
Average o o