Hanilan Karai
Age: ??
Appearance: Short, blond with red-streaks, and deep blue eyes. Prefers loud, flashy outfits, but has a wide variety
Race: Half-Lightning Genasi
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Refresh: 2
Current Fate Points: 2

Physical: [] [X] []
Mental: [] [] []
Social: [] [] []

Storm Mode:
Physical: [] [] [] [] [] []
Mental: [] [] [] [] [] []
Social: [] [] [] [] []

Minor Consequence:
Major Consequence:
Serious Consequence:

Genasi Sensate, the Magical Girl

Hanilan is the mascot of the Society of Sensation, and takes her job extremely seriously, constantly recording new senses and trying to advance the sensate cause.


Genasi Sensate, Magical Girl
Can I Touch It?
Nouveau Riche
Seeks the Dark, finds the Light
That Sounds Kinda Dumb!
Friendship! Friendship?!
A Baka In The Streets But A Senpai In The Sheets
Open Up Your Senses