Ettin's FATE Rules


Rules are mostly going to be from DFRPG, with a few tweaks and a couple of inclusions from Bulldogs!. If something isn't clear, get a hold of those books (or I can lend you my copy)!


Power Level: 7 refresh, 25 skill points, skill cap at Great.
Stress: 2, by default (see Endurance, Presence, Conviction)
Aspects: 7

What Is Your Deal?

High Concept: Your first aspect. Sums up what your character is about - what and who he is (Ex-OOI Mage Hunter, Green Fury Acolyte, Undergraduate Summoner, etc.)
Trouble: What complicates the high concept. (Mean Drunk, Temptation of Power, Angered Yog Hadar)

Phase 1: The Backstory

A short summary of your character's early life, from youth to young adulthood (where applicable), plus one aspect related to it.

Phase 2: The Pilot Episode

The time when your high concept started to come to the fore, or some other major event which shaped you. Pick a related aspect again!

Phase 3: Your Last Big Case

Your first real adventure! What happened? What did you do? How did it affect you? What aspect did you get from it?

Phase 4: Retconned In The TV Show

Each character contributes a minor, supporting role in another character's first adventure, adding a short sentence to explain how your paths crossed. Hey guess what, you got an aspect!

Phase 5: Crossover Fanfiction

Repeat Phase 4 with someone else!



Stunts from DFRPG and Bulldogs! can be used, if you don't make your own. I'll insert some here later if people bug me

Templates and Such

Making the Agency

Based off Bulldogs! ship rules.

You start with your own agency! It's not your dream office, but it'll do. As a group you should collectively determine its specifics, represented as aspects.

Concept: The first aspect describes the agency generally. Is it a little hole-in-the-wall? An out-of-the-way place above a bookstore? On a well-travelled street corner? An abandoned fire station? Choose an aspect that gives a good general description of the place.

Problem: Next, decide what’s wrong with this agency. NyarlathoTech is GRIM and DARK and therefore your location should have SOME VAGUELY IRRITATING PROBLEM. Does the power cut out at inconvenient times? Is it cluttered and easy to lose things in? Do you share space with some other jerk? Choose an aspect related to the biggest problem the agency has.

Strength: Finally, it at least has a redeeming feature. What’s the agency’s secret strength? Does it have a surprisingly good occult library? A hidden vault? Bob the Skull? Is it near a police station? Are there hard-to-find nooks and crannies where you can stow contraband? Is it tricked out with cutting-edge computer hardware? Choose an aspect that describes the agency’s hidden strength.