The Pantheon of Stars

The light of the stars guides those who look for it.

The Pantheon is a form of astrolatry and the major religion of the Shield Coast. The astrologer-priests consult the stars for advice, and pass it on to the people. The greater stars are largely the same everywhere, though lesser stars can represent different beings or heroes depending on where you are. Many regions have unique stars that only they can see.

Greater Stars

The Divine Dragon

This star shone brightest in the Age of Dragons. People don't call on it often out of politeness, but it represents ambition, kindness, authority, and wisdom.

Golden Empire

Sol, The Unconquered Sun

The Golden people believed the Sun, which brings light and warmth during the day, ruled over the sky and the earth. It is the patron of Emperors and soldiers. A mystery cult devoted to Sol was a common religion among the nobility. Little is known of it now, except that their holy day is the winter solstice.