Dragons are powerful, magical reptiles with command over the elemental powers and natural forces of the world. The Dragons had a world-spanning civilization, which declined before the current age. There were several types of dragon, each with different powers; most believed that they had been sent by the stars to shape and safeguard the world.

Dragons can live a very long time, but as they age they risk suffering from a magical sickness: old dragons who spent too much time gripped in a single emotion could be driven mad. Some succumbed to a magical condition associated with their emotion (for example, a dragon gripped by grief could sit and brood and eventually turn to stone where they sat), but many simply devolved into mindless beasts. Combined with their relatively low numbers, dragonkind was on the verge of declining.

Some dragon tribes sealed their power away and took human form to survive. Others refused, either out of pride or because they believed this was part of their purpose, and eventually devolved. Most surviving dragons retreated to isolated communities, but some traveled the world and interacted with humans.

The Golden Empire

Some Dragons visited the Golden Land in its early years, when the humans there were still scattered tribes led by Wanderer-Kings. They supposedly shared their knowledge and blessings with the man who would become the First Emperor. The Golden eventually began to call them the Divine Dragons. Their art often boasted of their connection to the Divine Dragons, but distorted the details to suit their agenda.


Lucus Draconis

A sacred wood in the Empire's former Portus province, said to be where the First Emperor first met with the Dragons. It was once the home of a Boar Leviathan that terrorized the neighbouring provinces until Zir slew it. The Golden people built a temple to the Dragons on the site of the battle. The forest is currently home to Mercy, a dragon descendant of Zir.

Seat of the Dragon

A mountain temple near Lucus Draconis. Later meetings with the First Emperor and the Dragons would take place here, where it was easier to see the stars. As few others were allowed inside, details are scarce.