In the years 2X09-2X10, BESMecha happened! Now, in 2X41…

Unsorted Notes



?? means I'll fill it in later if it comes up

Alpha Centauri: The Diracs have a Jupiter brain somewhere in Alpha Centauri A's outer orbit. There's an Earthlike world here, terraformed by the Diracs to match one of their worlds, and when the first FTL ship (Light of Humanity) showed up here the Diracs decided to capture the crew, use their science to create clones (with subtle differences) and set up social experiments in fake cities recreated from poorly-understood human pop culture. When peace was made with the Diracs, they helped build a proper colony and gifted a bunch of technology by way of apology; most of the tech was designed to fit in with their most successful project, a city based on poorly-understood-pop-culture Japan.

People thought that was pretty cool and now the TTU colony of Yatagarasu is pretty much an anime-influenced wonderland. Under the command of President Yoshiro, Yatagarasu's two main focuses are trade with the Diracs and building another home for humanity. The LGF has a strong presence here too, and to the TTU's annoyance the Diracs have insisted on setting up colonies with the other major factions so they don't have to travel to meet any of them.

Barnard's Star: ??

Sirius: Home of the Dogstar Republic.

Epsilon Eridani/Enki: The main exosystem of the Martian League. ε Eri contains a lot of dust and asteroids, two gas giants (one 1.5 times the size of Jupiter with an elliptical orbit) and the terrestrial world Enki. Enki is a mostly water-covered world, pockmarked by scores of craters and crater-shaped seas; the altering of large stretches of it by terraforming corps like SimPlanet and Red Eden has pissed off a lot of environmentalists and minority political parties, but its weird-looking native alien life is popular enough that nobody wants to kill it off.

Tau Ceti: ??

Gliese 876/Eden: A star 15 light years away from Earth, in Aquarius. The RSA explored it while the TTU and others began colonising more obviously profitable systems, and lucked out - the first planet was an ice world with a pressurised ocean of water, the second was a gas giant with a huge habitable moon, and the last two gas giants were abundant in resources. Their colony here is doing pretty great. The TTU is jelly.

Gliese 581: ???

Vega: ??