Chicago-Milwaukee Metroplex

Themes and Threats

Idea: Due to disasters, immigration to other worlds and bureacracy, Chicago-Milwaukee has a lot of abandoned spaces and havens, particularly in high-rise areas.
Aspect: Abandoned Havens

Idea: The Milwaukee side of town is famous for its alchemy. Less enchanted steel and arcanotechnology, more alchemical refineries and enchanted narcotics.
Aspect: Alchemy City

Idea: Much of the abandoned Old South Chicago was blamed on the Green Fury unleashing a magical earthquake ritual on the former factory districts there, but rumours persist that something darker lies underground.
Aspect: From Below

Idea: The magical black market in the CM Metroplex is one of the biggest in the world.
Aspect: Arcane Underground


Old Chicago (Threat)

Description: A section of ruined city, abandoned high-rises and eerily empty streets, surrounded by a no-man's-land of construction sites and warning signs.
Idea: Nice place to hide if you're a cultist. Or a monster.

Aspect: Lair of Monsters

Face: Quint (Wolf Lodge guide)

De Goso (Theme)

Description: A sushi bar! Reasonable food at reasonable prices. Open late.
Idea: Unofficial meeting place for mages, Tagers, intelligence agents and Outsider Tainted.

Aspect: Fishy Business, In Various Ways

Face: Sanae Ito (Owner)

Sigimund Apartments (Theme)

Description: An apartment building at the nicer end of the slummy South Green street.
Idea: A recently-upgraded block where Muvians, Tainted and other monsters can get a room.

Aspect: Even Monsters Pay Rent

Face: Chima Gildong (Muvian resident)

Caffeinomicon (Theme)

Description: A coffee shop/library popular in the occult community for its modest (and legal!) magical library.
Idea: Neutral meeting ground for arcane talents.

Aspect: Occult Neutral Ground

Face: Louise Darling (Owner)

Douglass & Sigimund Detective Agency (Theme)

Description: An ex-antique bookstore at the intersection of Howard and Third Street, New Arkham.
Idea: Your agency!

Aspect: Occult Detective Agency

Face: You!

Field Museum of Natural History (Theme)

Description: This massive museum houses some of humanity's most prized artifacts and fossils.
Idea: Research institution for the academic mage.

Aspect: Relics of the Past

Face: Sir Manohar Reginald Smythe (Curator)

Busy Hands Research Facility (Threat)

Description: This huge city block used to be a magical research facility before it exploded. Warning signs keep people away. Nice hiding spot thanks to the non-euclidean geometry, if you can avoid the safety issues.
Idea: Dangerous magic levels. Dimensions are twisted in here.

Aspect: Magic Unrestrained

Face: Angel Al-Azm (Only resident)

Aldebaran (Theme)

Description: An upscale nightclub where people in the latest trendy outfits drink, dance and definitely don't know anything about the crime scene.
Idea: Not owned by the Outfit.

Aspect: Legitimate Establishment


CMPD (Theme)

Description: The police department of the metroplex. Headquarters are in Town Square, New Arkham, but most stations are eerily similar.
Idea: Though they have a special Bureau Of Supernatural Affairs, the average cop isn't equipped to handle or cope with that kind of thing.

Aspect: Sure Pal, Shoggoths Ate Your Car

Face: Police Commissioner Reagan


Bold Daly

Face of: Town Hall

High Concept: Determined Mayor

Motivation: I will make Chicago-Milwaukee the best city in America!

Relationships: Yvonne Reagan (underling)

Sanae Ito

Face of: De Goso's

High Concept: Clued-in Sushi Chef

Motivation: The best goddamn sushi bar in the metroplex!

Relationships: Rene Bowman (frequent customer), Angel Al-Azm (secret customer)

Louise Darling

Face of: Caffeinomicon

High Concept: Coffeemancer who Never Sleeps

Motivation: Keep Caffeinomicon going strong!

Relationships: Sir Manohar Reginald Smythe (frequent customer)

Athena Darkroad

Face of: Eldritch Society/CMPD

High Concept: Cop By Day, Shadow Tager By Night

Motivation: Protect and serve two organisations at once!

Relationships: Rene Bowman (pack), Commissioner Reagan (boss)

Rene "Dash" Bowman

Face of: Eldritch Society

High Concept: Whisper Tager Society Investigator

Motivation: Cleansing the metroplex is gonna be so awesome!

Relationships: Sanae Ito (serves Rene dinner), Athena Darkroad (pack)

Sir Manohar Reginald Smythe, Ph.D., CH, CXE, MC, FRS, FSA

Face of: Field Museum of Natural History

High Concept: Elderly Archaeologist

Motivation: There was life on Earth before Man. What was it like?

Relationships: Louise Darling (makes him coffee)

Mr Wizard

Face of: Arcane Underground (Threat)

High Concept: Half-Akathar "Problem Solver"

Motivation: Get paid by the Unclean Spirit Society. Solve problems.

Relationships: ???

Angel Al-Azm

Face of: Busy Hands

High Concept: Outsider Tainted Enforcer

Motivation: Make money in the Underground, don't get arrested

Relationships: Sanae Ito (sells sushi)

Police Commissioner Yvonne Reagan

Face of: CMPD

High Concept: Dedicated Police Commissioner

Motivation: Get a grip on all this goddamn occult business.

Relationships: Bold Daly (boss), Athena Darkroad (BSA forensics)



Aspects: Semper Occultus; For Our Eyes Only; Protect At Any Cost
Goal: Police occult activity and protect the NEG.

Good Guys

Aspects: Monsters With The Hearts Of Men; Destroy All Dhohanoids; Failure Is Not An Option
Goal: Destroy the Children of Chaos.

Aspects: Nodens Is A Pretty Cool Guy; Hunts Mythos Creatures; Doesn't Afraid Of Anything
Goal: Hunt monsters for kicks.


Aspects: Cult Of The Crawling Chaos; Nothing Personal, It's Just Business; You Don't Have To Be A Dhohanoid To Work Here But It Helps; More Money, More Problems
Goal: Sow chaos in Nyarlathotep's name

Aspects: Sciencultists; They Called Me Mad!; Fantasy And Microchips; Agents In Every Institution
Goal: Steal knowledge, summon the Cold Ones

Aspects: "IƤ! Shub-Niggurath!"; Getting Back To Nature; Guerrilla Warfare; Use Their Science Against Them!
Goal: Kick the NEG off Earth.

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