Cirno's FATE Rules

Beyond the Stars

I'm sorta mashing together Diaspora and Bulldogs! with a bit of DFRPG. That's the wonder of FATE! I have p. much all those books so talk to me if you need help with anything or need a loaner


Power Level: 6 refresh, 20 skill points, skill cap at Great (+4).
Stress: 2 in each track, can be raised by Endurance or Resolve
Aspects: 7


  • When making your character, here's a few questions beyond even the aspects to consider.
  • Your crew didn't just up and leave immidiately. Did you get any training between finding the ship and leaving on the mission? Did the training help, or did you just skip class?
  • The universe can be a strange, terrifying, and maybe wonderful place. Generally think about how cynical you are to it?
  • Your mission - and indeed most of life - sits under the shadow of the Past Cycle. What are your thoughts about it? Does it leave you in awe, fear, or do you just try to ignore it ever happened and get on with your life?
  • Though Lazen can handle most elements on the ship, he certainly benefits from humans working instead. Do you have a role aboard the ship? Consider "promoting" one of the PCs (ideally one with good leadership skills - and one you like!) to acting Captain. Sample useful skills and roles - Engineer (Systems, Engineering), Gunnery (Artillery), Pilot (You can probably guess).
  • As important as the ship is, you're going to be leaving it too. What can you do when not aboard a vessel? Note that most skills apply to both ship and off-ship problems.


Psionic Stunts

Weapons and Armor