Castor Reirsøl

Castor T. Reirsøl
Age: 26
High Concept: Slick Scoundrel and Ace Pirate
Trouble: Acts First, Thinks Second
Refresh: 3

Heritage: Disappointing Clone of a Great Admiral
Great heroes aren't born, they're made — so, when Admiral Reirsøl met his end, his superiors decided that unmatched military genius with a stunning career would be missed too much to let the empire continue without him.

Castor, the clone, lived under his "Father's" shadow — and wilted! Unable to match the expectations of his handlers, he gave up trying — and proved able to think enough to run away a few times, though never enough to plan on what to do once he 'escaped'. The program was terminated as a disappointment, despite his skills at videogames, and he was shuffled into the foster system.

Slick Scoundrel and Ace Pirate
invoke: To make something look smooth or effortless, to do something shady, when doing things a pirate would know how to do, while dogfighting.
compel: To take the selfish option or go for treasure when the payoff isn't worth it, to be distrusted, to be in trouble with the law for past offenses, to get in trouble with the law for new offenses.
Acts First, Thinks Second
invoke: To react extra-quickly, without thinking when thought would take took long
compel: To react without thinking, making a mistake.
Disappointing Clone of a Great Admiral
invoke: To lean on his clone-father's accomplishments, to put together a tactic or strategy, military knowledge
compel: To face prejudice as a clone, to fail at strategy, to fail to realize something a more normal person would get, to do something potentially stupid or risky avoid looking like a failure.
When Opportunity doesn't knock, Pick the Lock
invoke: When trying to create an opening during a conflict (ie, using an unexpected maneuver), for an audacious action to succeed, to pick a literal lock (why not)
compel: To ignore the impossibility succeeding at a desired action, to be impatient and go for a risky solution when waiting would work.
Treachery, Thy Name Is Woman
invoke: To take a another look at something that seems to good to be true, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean you're wrong, to have planned for a betrayal
compel: To be distrusting of a woman without cause, to be tricked again, paranoia is stupid, to mess up a good thing due to lack of trust
I Swear, Officer, The Guy Told Me It Was Something Else!
invoke: To talk his way out of a situation
compel: To be taken in by someone else's scheme or lies
By Fame or Infamy, My Name Will Be Known Throughout The Galaxy!
invoke: For renown, to project confidence
compel: To showboat, take risks, avoid secrecy afterwards when secrecy is desired