BtS: Technology

Technology in Beyond the Stars

All technology is rated on a tiered method on the civilization's control of resources. The lowest tier is T-4 in which a civilization cannot make use of any resources that require technological advancement and is regarded as prehistoric. The highest concievable tier is T4 in which a civilization has entered post-scarcity and is no longer understandable by any previous tiers - or indeed would appear as divine beings. Current age technology in the Inti Alliance sits at T2, with a few small spikes into T3 and a few dips into T1 and lower, due to Cradle-found technological advancement. The past cycle is estimated to have been at the breaking point between T3 and T4.

There are other markers for resources and environment, but those tend to be used less often or by bureaucrats and businessmen then Corsairs.

Technology Between Tiers

Technology works different when moving up or down tiers. Below T1, full wireless capabilities are increasingly rare, and below T-1 you won't even find computers at all, but security is significantly less potent. In general, items below T2 either have penalties (such as lower grade weapons) or are of easier difficulty, but can be harder to utilize, with full wireless systems access being rare at T0, and computers being completely absent entirely at T-2 and below. Items above T2 are more advanced and more powerful - and more difficult to use. In means items have more advantages, or are of higher difficulty, but are easier to utilize, with T3 items having virtually unlimited access through wireless systems.