Beyan Reaches

The Beyan Reaches lie on one of the western ends of the empire of Nerath, in a subtropical region. Even in the Empire's height, it was far from impressive; it was nice, but it was out of the way and had a reputation for being the homeplace of the more… unusual creatures, at least as far as Nerath was concerned.

These days the Beyan Reaches lie in ruins as much as anywhere else, but there are a few places that stand out to the typical traveler:


Built just beyond the head of the Gurad River, Waterhead is a town of approx. 2000 people (plus a further 900 or so in the surrounding countryside), reclaimed from the ruins of an ancient riverside trade hub. Waterhead is the largest town in the region, and has a very impressive clock tower. Humans, dwarves and elves make up most of the population, but members of other races are a common sight.

Waterhead lies close to the centre of the Reaches. There is a path leading directly here from Winterhaven in the Nentir Vale to the northeast, though it is rarely travelled and weeks away.

Until recently an Adjudicator, one Kevin Glummox, lived mysteriously in a tower in Waterhead. And then he died.


A ruined town in the outer east reaches of the Reaches, its outskirts are currently occupied by a group of elves from the nearby forests. So far, attempts to turn the charred ruin into a thriving forest-town are failing; people whisper of dark things in the ruins, or perhaps the elves are just lazy.


A dwarf stronghold at the base of the Skyreach Mountains which cut Beyan off from most of the Empire to the east. Hardemfast is the biggest, richest town in Beyan, though others are slowly catching up. The Beyan Trade Road runs through the citadel from the mountains and pushes through Waterhead all the way to Eoran.

The dwarves of Hardemfast are known more for caution than charity, but they're more honest than a convention of priests with their god sitting directly opposite them giving them disapproving looks.


This “city” on the northwest coast of Beyan was an experiment-slash-project-slash-dick-move from Nerath's zenith. This immense, walled prison complex was where monstrous humanoids, freakish half-breeds, and people Nerath didn't like were sent to fend for themselves. Nobody is sure why. They built their own society within its confines.

Beyzomerranzan was mostly untouched by the Fall and its inhabitants can leave if they like, but few venture out besides the nomadic shifter traders, and humans are about as welcome there as a fart in an elevator.


The former “capital city” of the Beyan Reaches is now just a ruined complex nestled in the harbour at the base of the Gurad River. A small town at its entrance, known as Gateway, thrives off the adventurers who attempt to claim Eoran.