Amon Sigimund
Amon Sigimund
Age: ???
Appearance: Trenchcoat, fedora, plague doctor mask. How mysterious!
Refresh: 2
Fate Points: 4
High Concept: Mystical Man Of Mystery!
Trouble: The Guiding Arms Taught Me Too Much

Physical: [ ] [ ]
Mental: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Social: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Amon was born Ray Almond, a normal student! His family were rich scientist/mages working on nifty new magical research.
Dr. Almond eventually went insane, killed or corrupted his friends and family, and put together a cult: The Guiding Arms!
Ray was convinced to follow his parents' lead and was trained to become a mage! He soon came to enjoy learning magic!
He believed that the Guiding Arms' pursuit of new life would lead to education and evolution for the entire world…

Mystical Man Of Mystery!
Invoke: To be a wizard, to be masked, to be a mystery~!
Compel: To have being a magic-user get in the way, to be overly secretive, people who hate luchadores.

The Guiding Arms Taught Me Too Much
Invoke: To be educated on cults, outsiders and sinister topics.
Compel: To delight in mischief, to have a twisted outlook on things.

Learn ALL The Magic!
Invoke: To know mystical things!
Compel: To want to acquire new lore first over other matters, to be willing to do anything for more.

Custom Model "Big Z" Mecha
Invoke: To do power armor things!
Compel: To be too big or too heavy or too machine-y.

Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb
Invoke: To be recognized when that's a good thing.
Compel: To be bad at going unnoticed, to look kind of weird.

Black Market Connoisseur
Invoke: To do shady business, to have connections in the Arcane Underground.
Compel: To have shady business come back to haunt him.

Detective Agency Founder
Invoke: To do detective things, to seem totally legit.
Compel: To have to be 2 legit 2 quit, to have to actually manage things.