Adventure One: Extreme Wizard Bungee Jumping

Quest Log

CTI: Clock Tower Investigation

  • Solve the murder of Kevin Glummox. (complete, it was so totally Jeremy)
  • Bring the killer to justice, or at least rough them up a little. (complete as hell)

Reward: 750 XP (received!)

The Story So Far…

There you were, minding your own business, then some dead guy falls out of the clock tower. It was the elderly Kevin Glummox the Adjudicator, practically the magical sheriff of the town of Waterhead. It looked like a suicide at first glance, but a second revealed it was a ruse, just good enough to fool the average commoner… but not you!

The clock tower was devoid of people - murderers, for example - despite the body impacting mere minutes ago. An extensive search of the clock tower and Glummox revealed several clues, however:

  • A knife wound in Glummox's back, hidden under undamaged but bloody robes;
  • A receipt from the wizardly supply store Occulte Mysteries, where Glummox has put ritual reagents on his tab;
  • A note stuck to the service entrance reading "I'm out for lunch. The key is in the usual place. Don't worry, I trust you. Good luck with your Adjudicating! - Joseph Samuel";
  • The door is unlocked and the key is absent, neither in the clock tower nor on Glummox's person;
  • A bloody fingerprint on the window Glummox appeared to have jumped from, possibly from opening it;
  • A magical circle, indicating Glummox was engaged in an Adjudicator ritual;
  • No reagents or ritual book, despite their required presence in rituals;
  • Signs someone stopped to try and clean up the blood;
  • Bloody finger-marks, notably on a ladder leading to a maintenance platform behind the south clock face;
  • A used and mostly-disintegrated ritual scroll for a low-level ritual, probably either Magic Mouth or Make Whole.

You regrouped in the tavern and picked up on a few rumours, which are definitely not all true:

  • Glummox was a dragon who could breathe fire and acid;
  • Glummox had an assistant, one Jeremy Ropester, who was also a dragon and could breathe raw opiates;
  • A man named Wayland Vasthorse was cursed by Glummox a while ago and will probably throw a party now that he is dead;
  • Glummox was the only man protecting Waterhead from the evil in the uncivilised lands around it;
  • Glummox was the only '''dragon''' protecting Waterhead from the evil in the uncivilised lands around it;
  • It was totally a suicide.

Stopping only to buy Delphinae, the flower vendor whose cart Glummox destroyed, enough alcohol to make her forget all her troubles, you decided to make your way to Glummox's mysterious tower domicile, in the hope that it would contain clues or at least sweet gear.

So there you are investigating this dead guy, right, and… actually, no, that was the interesting part of the story. After scoping the clock tower the dead Adjudicator Glummox "fell" out of for clues, you headed to his tower. His tower turned out to be even older than he was, and kind of strangely laid out. Also, there were magical acid dogs outside. They were surprisingly cool, though.

Inside, you found a brick-walled home, old but finely decorated, with a lot of oddly-aligned corners and corridors and magically warded stairs. (Luckily, the magic wards were cake to bypass.) You searched the tower up and down; over the course of two sessions, you found:

Ground Floor
Lounge: The starting area, really just there to set the scene. Nice wooden floor, welcoming sofa, owlbearskin rug, massive fireplace, shelves covered in books, old vases, painted wooden statues and decorative plates. None of these things were clues or loot, unless someone bagged them anyway.
Apprentice's Room: Jeremy Ropester's room was a simple, spartan thing, though he did have a locked iron chest of some note underneath his bed. It turned out to contain anti-Cretaebus religions works and copies of Maximum Tieflings.
Bathroom: Not much here, except a laundry chute clearly used to sneak into the basement by somebody.
Dining Room + Kitchen: An archway behind the couch led to a little corridor joining these two rooms. The kitchen was pretty shifty and contained two healing potions for Quinn, while the dining room was full of historical figure/landscape portraits and told Gromm that Glummox liked Cretaebus. These rooms are fully searched, bro.

Second Floor
Library: This room had a comfortable chair, a window, and so many bookshelves they were blocking the door to the adjacent study. There were Cretaebus books, conservative magical politics books, and more books.
Study: This cramped study was packed with books, notes, blueprints and nonmagical scrolls, but in the mess Hedy unearthed a clock tower ritual plan and saw a secret door…
Bedroom: Glummox's stuffy old bedroom had accounting books and receipts which showed that Glummox ran Occulte Mysteries, hired someone called Vanessa York, underpaid her and was running up a ritual component tab.

Upper Levels
Attic: This attic was full of dusty old untouched junk, but Hedy found someone's secret box fort containing a key, a copy of Maximum Tieflings and a tissue box. Hedy only wanted one of these.
Observatory: This well-used observatory was last used to look at the clock tower.
Ritual Room: This secret room for magical rituals was up a set of stairs behind that secret door in the study. and contained a ritual book. Someone had ripped most of the rituals out of it recently.
Roof: This room was flat, like a tower roof, and empty. And boring.

Museum: Underneath a banner glorifying Cretaebus lie rows of glass boxes containing rare books and relics like electrum coins, many of which are mostly interesting to the kind of old stuffy wizard who worships Cretaebus. It mostly contained pinned butterflies, interesting relics and curios, and an expensive statue of Cretaebus plus a pearl Gromm looted.
Alchemy Lab: A magically warded door hid a very smelly alchemy lab with a lot of tomes and herbs and alchemical components and ritual reagents, the latter of which were stolen by someone.
Laundry: A big cauldron, a tap and some towel racks were found in here. The cauldron was magical; Crix can now yell at it to obey him and have an elemental do his laundry.

After that, well, it was off to Occulte Mysteries!

Glummox's shop was run by the rather pretty Veronica York, the suddenly-owner of the premises. After interrogating her for a while, you learned several clues, including that Jeremy had purchased a scroll of Mending, Vasthorse was a petty criminal warlock who bought a scroll of Magic Mouth, and Vanessa may be interested in Xar.

Jeremy was in the hobo neighbourhood of Tramp Way while Wayland Vasthorse was probably at dwarf pub Gallagher's; naturally, you picked the latter! Xar got completely blotto off Hammer while Gromm chatted up Wayland, learned of his horse-based curse and became fairly certain that, while Wayland had made a pact with evil fey Mab, was planning to rob Glummox's tower and had the worst name ever, he was definitely probably innocent.

That left Jeremy.

The poor district of Tramp Way was a hotbed of criminal activity and beggars, but they did not stop there long. Jeremy was found on a street and accused; he decided to confirm his guilt by making a run for it.

Jeremy fled! The boy was swift on his feet, but you were swifter; the five of you cornered him in an alleyway, beat the hell out of him, and let hobos take his pants.

So how did he do it?

Well, first he stabbed Glummox in the back as he prepared his ritual. Then, he used the Mending scroll to fix his ripped clothes and conceal the knife wound, and stole the magical materials, tomes and ritual components lying around the tower. Afterward, his body was deposited on the hands of the clock somewhere between 410 and 420. Glummox would not fall before the PCs until Jeremy was elsewhere, presumably with an airtight alibi for the presumed "time of death". He certainly had enough time to loot Glummox's tower of more rituals and components before the party got there.

And why?

Well, Jeremy was a follower of Apertos, evil god of doors. Also, he thought Glummox was kind of a dick.

And that was it, for the opening mystery. A handful of questions remain unresolved, like where all those things Jeremy stole went exactly, but it was getting late, and you'd already turned the murderer in to the town watch.

You had a good night's sleep instead. Tomorrow, adventure awaits!

Full Session Recaps

Session One: Half Past Wizards

It is a nice Spring day in the town of Waterhead! The sun is shining down on the brown tiled roofs of this riverside town like a filthy, unwelcome guest everyone inexplicably likes.

Most of Waterhead's buildings are new and shiny (or at least not noticeably dark), though some pockets of land from the empire of Nerath which were not completely obliterated remain. Aside from the adventurers and the large size, this town's main "attraction" is the presence of an Adjudicator, the aging Kevin Glummox, whose presence gives the town a sense of safety and protection from the miles of unexplored forest around you. Most Adjudicators are aloof and mysterious these days, though, and surely there will be no reason to meet him!

You are currently sitting around a tavern in the town square. The Lovely Dwarf's Taphouse offers decent ale shipped all the way from Hardemfast at decent prices and offers a nice view of the city through its expansive windows, dominated by the clock tower that sits on the opposite side of the square. The clock tower is an ancient, wondrous thing of strange clockwork, an expression of human might standing tall over a paved square full of men, women and elves going about their daily business. It is a stark contrast to the interior of the Lovely Dwarf's Taphouse, which (while admittedly nice) does not have any of the lovely dwarves promised. But although there are no wonders of human ingenuity or any particularly interesting events going on here, there's a dwarf who reeks of tobacco and wine serving you food and drink. That is good enough!

Outside, people are starting to leave their workplaces (or come into town from the farms dotting the countryside) and hit the stores to pick up dinner, grab anything they didn't purchase at the market in the morning, or have a good time. A few vendors are outside - an elf selling flowers from a cart, a hopeful sausage-in-a-bun vendor, and a priest on a soapbox - but nothing particularly special here.

Then a corpse falls out of the sky.

The players - Crix, Gromm, Hedy, Quinn and Xar - bonded over their mutual interest in the body that has fallen out of the clock tower and smashed into a flower seller's cart outside. It turned out to be Kevin Glummox, the Adjudicator. He had committed suicide by leaping off the tower… or DID HE?

Xar rolled a natural 20 on this Heal check, and realised that there was surprisingly little blood considering the messy impact - indeed, he was already dead. The true cause of death was a knife wound to the back, and he had already stained his robes red as he bled out - strangely, the robe itself was in good repair, and had no corresponding knife wound.

Hedy looked up and noticed a window just below the clock face was open, and used her magical gear to climb the tower. Gromm followed in kind, in case the murderer was still there, while Crix, Quinn and Xar went around to the service entrance; there was a note from one Joseph Samuel, clockmaster of the clock tower, indicating that he was out. Glummox regularly used the premises, and had found the key in "the usual place" before letting himself in. Nobody found anything downstairs, and they went upstairs to meet with Gromm and Hedy.

The tower was apparently empty. Upstairs, Gromm and Hedy found the window led to a stair landing level with the clock's main room, a nest of huge gears and the platforms, ladders and walkways used to perform maintenance on them.

Upon seeing a magical circle, Gromm applied his magical knowledge and worked out that Glummox regularly came here to perform some kind of Adjudicator ritual; someone had killed him in the middle of it, swiped the reagents and ritual book, tried to clean up the blood, and made a hasty escape. Bloody prints were still visible here and there, indicating movement around the room, and someone had tossed a ritual scroll underneath a staircase; it had been used and almost entirely disintegrated, but Crix and Quinn were certain it had been written by a wizard - possibly Glummox himself - and was a scroll of either Magic Mouth or Make Whole.

The group went to see the belfry, and found no signs of murderers who needed to wash their hands up here; they did see the Adjudicator's tower to the north, though, and Hedy decided to make it her next stop. On the way out, Crix checked Glummox's corpse and found a receipt from a wizard store named Occulte Mysteries, which he took some interest in.

Hedy, rest of the party in tow, went to the tavern to collect her things and possibly pay her tab. While there she heard that people were worried now; the Adjudicator's presence gave Waterhead a feeling of comfort and security, and his sudden demise (suicide or no) shocked everybody. Particularly shocked was Delphinae, the elf flower-seller whose cart was destroyed and a face from Gromm's past; he gave the bartender 10 gold pieces and asked him to supply her with drinks, slightly miscalculating how much it costs to get an elf completely shitfaced.

Hedy and Quinn also picked up on a couple of names - Jeremy Ropester, Glummox's apprentice, and Wayland Vasthorse, a man cursed by Glummox's magic who must be glad he is dead. For now, though, the other clues would have to wait, because the group elected to head to Glummox's tower, worried that the murderer might even now be concealing evidence and stealing things they wanted to steal.

Session Two: Shifty Fucking Wizard Kitchens

Glummox's tower lies in a corner of a section of Waterhead full of wizards and mage guilds and alchemists and tailors and temples and other things nobody cares about. This particular section is known as George Street, which is frankly a boring name for WIZARD LAND.

You find the tower at the northeast corner of some intersection. Beyond it lies Tramp Way, a section of town full of buildings so ancient they were probably around for Nerath, newer buildings spawned from failed civic projects, and lots of homeless and poor people.

The tower itself sits a ways from the road in the middle of a huge stretch of unmowed grass; even the slums keep their distance from this ancient symbol of power. At least the occupant is a symbol of power. The actual tower looks like rubbish. It looks like it wasn't just around for the empire of Nerath, it was around for when "wizard" meant that one caveman who knew how to make fire and wasn't sharing because he was a huge asshole. The outside is made of stone bricks and looks like someone decided to build a wide brick house, then before they finished the roof, a completely different person built a different house on top of that, and then a third person built a third floor and nobody told him that houses are supposed to have sloped roofs so the rain can fall off. Here and there wooden extensions threaten to topple off the tower and smash into the ground if their brick supports give way, and nice curtains swish in windows covered in peeling paint to give it a vague aura of respectability.

There's a stone path leading to the front door, and the grass around it is at least kind of short; the path ends at the corner, where a mailbox sits empty and several signs have been posted.

There are signs all along the road, actually. Most had had graffiti drawn on them or have been knocked over, but they say things like "BEWARE OF THE DOG" and "PRIVATE PROPERTY" and "NO SALESMEN, SOLICITORS OR GOD PROMOTERS" and "HIGH POTENTIAL MAGIC ZONE it is against the law to let your dog leave its droppings on this yard". One of them says "KEEP OFF THE WIZARD DICKS" but you are pretty sure that is graffiti.

The party finally reached Glummox's tower, which frankly looked like a pile of shit. The shittiness was apparently to lower the party's guard, though, because as they approached several dogs appeared. The party could tell they were magical; the way parts of the dogs (and some of their mouths) dissolved into greenish equations as they moved and then shifted back into flesh was a pretty big hint. Gromm applied his knowledge of the arcane and concluded that they were probably magic acid dogs.

Luckily, Hedy rolled stupid high on her Nature check and pacified the shit out of them.

Finally, they got inside! They found a brick-walled home, old but finely decorated, with a lot of oddly-aligned corners and corridors and magically warded stairs. (Luckily, the magic wards were cake to bypass.) They searched the tower up and down; while this took up most of the session and they didn't cover everything, they did make a number of successes. Here is how the skill challenge went down:

Search order: Crix, Quinn, Gromm, Hedy
Requirements: 12 successes before 5 failures

  • Crix began by disabling the arcane ward leading upstairs, opening a whole lot of rooms.
  • Quinn entered the kitchen, and concluded that it was pretty fucking shifty. He wouldn't trust a word out of its mouth. He did find two healing potions (1) in the medicine cupboard though.
  • Gromm investigated the dining room, and found a lot of paintings of historical events and figures. He worked out through an Arcana check that Glummox worshipped Cretaebus, god of history and dinosaurs, and earned +2 to two Arcana, History or Religion checks made later in "rooms of knowledge and magic". That was it for the dining room.
  • Hedy went upstairs and checked out the study, which was cramped and crowded with books, scrolls, blueprints and papers. She found Glummox's plans for a clock tower ritual, currently uninvestigated (2), and a magically warded secret door.
  • Crix busted open that shit and found a set of stairs leading up to Glummox's secret ritual room, which contained his ritual book (3). Half the pages have been ripped out, though a Knock spell was carelessly left behind.
  • Quinn checked out the other upstairs room and found a library with a comfy reading chair and shelves and shelves of books. He figured out Glummox liked books about Cretaebus, the history of Nerath, and something titled Why Nerath Fell: Dangers of Arcano-Progressivism by J. Beck (4).
  • Gromm stuffed the Cretaebus books into his pack just in case and worked out that Glummox was definitely a very conservative man, and also came across a damaged book about lost relics and treasures with a note adding that there was an intact copy in the museum in the basement.
  • Hedy saw a trap door in the second-floor ceiling leading to an attic, and managed to wrangle her way up and inside. Admist piles of junk that hadn't been touched in years, she found a well-used box fort and resolved to search it. She found a magazine titled "Maximum Tieflings" (no).
  • Crix was interested in the clock tower plans but elected to read them later, and checked out the stairs leading to the third floor. He found a little observatory and more stairs leading to an empty flat roof; the telescope had been used lately and was watching the clock tower (5?)
  • Quinn rummaged through Glummox's stuffy bedroom and decided not to loot the wizard clothes; he found a lot of papers and worn socks. Most of the parchment in here was Glummox's accounting work, which told Quinn that he ran the "Occulte Mysteries" shop and had hired (and underpaid) one Vanessa York to man it for him. There was a receipt which said he got his ritual components from there, and had ran up a tab recently (6).
  • Gromm went down into that basement and found the museum, but also a magically warded door, and tried to open it. He failed (F1) and lost a healing surge as it zapped him.
  • Hedy continued to investigate that fort, and worked out that it wasn't Glummox; she found long-life food, coffee cups, a dove key. (7) She also discovered that Maximum Tieflings was full of detailed drawings of well-endowed tiefling women in not many clothes. She also found a tissue box. Hedy did not touch the tissue box.

The rest of the tower is still ripe for the investigating, and there are 5 successes to go!

Session Three: Discount Wizard Warehouse


The rest of the challenge went as follows:

  • Crix gave Gromm a hand and opened the warded basement door, to find a magical alchemical lab with a wide variety of tables, equipment, tomes, ingredients in pidgeon holes and a funky smell.
  • On the ground floor, Quinn decided to investigate the remaining rooms. He poked into a simple apprentice's bedroom and determined it was Jeremy Ropester's; he found receipts from Tramp Way stores ("Cheap Pies: When You Can't Afford The Best, Afford Us" and "Meat Basement: Our Sausage Rolls Are Tops!"), as well as more issues of Maximum Tieflings and a lockbox (8).
  • Gromm investigated the Alchemy Lab, but had difficult because the room was a completely disorganised heap of shit (-2).
  • Xar looked in and gave Gromm a hand cleaning up with his knowledge of herbs and things and which labelled jars they go in; as the two cleaned, they worked out that someone had looted the lab and scattered things around a bit.
  • Crix decided to help clean as well, and the three of them took an inventory; Crix realised this is where Glummox kept his ritual components, and someone had looted them (9).
  • Quinn gave the lockbox to Xar, hoping someone else could open it, and checked the bathroom. It wasn't very impressive, but there was a laundry chute. Quinn jumped in it to see where it went, and on the way down noticed someone had left a rope inside the chute, as though they had used it to get in and out of the basement (10). He landed in the basement laundry.
  • Gromm scoped out the museum and found a bunch of artifacts, artwork, rare books, relics, collections of pinned butterflies and other trinkets in display cases under a banner glorifying Cretaebus; while trying to search, he got distracted by a painting of the Raven Queen (-3).
  • Xar broke open the lockbox to find some books Glummox would not have approved of, like "An Analysis of Pantheism" by Professor Edward Pong (a follower of the Raven Queen and Iannalis), "The Lost Era of Cretaebus" by F. Drescher (Desandra) and "A Complete History of the Gods" by Coeval Finlow (Vecna).
  • Crix went into the laundry to help Quinn up and noticed the metal laundry tub was probably magical; eventually he worked out that if he held out the washboard and loudly demanded that laundry bend to his will, a water elemental would appear to wash clothes. That's kind of cool you guess. (11)
  • Quinn retrieved Hedy as her player was away, and realised the dove key would have opened the lockbox. Oh well though.
  • Gromm looted the shit out of the museum on this turn and turned up the prizes of the collection, a bone statue of Cretaebus and an expensive pearl totalling at least 300gp combined. (12)

The skill challenge complete, the team regrouped to discuss their clues, pocket Maximum Tieflings while Hedy wasn't looking and head out.

<Gromm> Hilariously, five nerds playing D&D on IRC are roleplaying four nerds looking at porn in a basement.

Afterward, the group decided to head down Waterhead's George Street and check out the Occulte Mysteries shop(pe).

Heading a bit down George Street and following a signpost takes you to Occulte Mysteries, an old two-story storefront sitting comfortably in a corner like a gorilla who has eaten a satisfactory amount of bananas. The building has a sign hanging above the door which is actually spelled "Occulte Mysteries", and the windows mostly have mannequins wearing simple wizard garb in them.
Behind the mannequins are a couple of painted pictures of REGAL WIZARDS, the sort of pictures people painted in the 80s and 90s to put on Dungeons & Dragons book covers. They have the beards and the hats and are posing dramatically with staves and orbs; there's also some lightning and, for some reason, a unicorn.
The storefront is wizards is what I am saying.
The sign on the door is turned to "COME IN! WE'RE MAGIC".
The ground floor - which appears to be the entire shop - is laid out in soft old carpet and decorated with more pictures of wizards! The ceiling is painted black and has the constellations painted on it as well; it is kind of cheesy. This place is in a pretty good position to cater to the mages of George Street, though! With that in mind the walls are lined with shelves of books, blank parchment and ink, etc., and on the floor are more mannequins with various outfits - many of them wizardly, though there's also clerical garb and bard gear - as well as tables of holy symbols, "healing crystals", interesting geodes, and other things that aren't strictly magical but are the sort of things wizards put in their lairs to look awesome. At the far end of the room, just beyond a bronze orrery that reaches to your waist, sits a long counter with rows of ritual components and scrolls locked in glass display cases. A stuffed pseudodragon suspended from the ceiling spins gently.
Behind the counter sits a broad-shouldered, tall-faced brunette; she would be quite a looker if she was clad in a less retarded wizard outfit. Her knee-high robe is blue, with white stars, the sort of thing people who don't know what wizards look like think wizards look like, and her matching pointy hat looks like something made by a well-meaning aunt someone forgot to have committed. She is smiling at you now, but when you came in you are pretty sure she was being super bored and reading a fiction book.

Vanessa the wizard was interrogated! The following things were discovered or worked out:

  • The ritual let Glummox astrally project himself around town and keep an eye on it, as well as mentally touch base with any Adjudicator buddies he had. The rituals were purchased at Occulte Mysteries.
  • Vanessa was surprised at news of Glummox's death.
  • Vanessa respects Glummox but does not think he is an amazing person. In fact she has described him as "that old bugger".
  • Vanessa is a budding wizard with some ritual skills, and lives upstairs from the shop proper. She stood to inherit the store now that Glummox was dead.
  • Vanessa sold two scrolls on the day Glummox purchased the components, a scroll of Mending to Jeremy Ropester and a scroll of Silence to Doctor Adams, who runs an apothecary and wanted it for his wife.
  • Vanessa sold a Magic Mouth scroll to Wayland Vasthorse, who shops at the store of the guy who cursed him for some reason.
  • Wayland Vasthorse is a warlock with a lot of petty crime offenses who "got done for robbery" and was cursed by Glummox.

The session ended with the party trying to think of anything else to ask Vanessa, or failing that deciding where to go next.

Session Four: The Usual Wizards

"Some folk like to do their occult business under the moonlight, you know?"

Afterward, Vanessa was asked about Wayland Vasthorse; she explained that he was a petty criminal and some sort of warlock who was cursed for some robbery. He would have known the curse was lifted as soon as Glummox died, and definitely had a motive. Jeremy Ropester, in contrast, was quiet and did not talk much, and bought a scroll of Mending from her recently. Wayland lived on O'Connell Street nearby, but could be found at Gallagher's Pub at the corner on Church Street at this time of day. Jeremy could probably be found in Tramp Way, the streets of homeless-and-destitute hobos behind Glummox's tower, buying a terrible meal and giving coins to beggars.

Xar asked Vanessa if she wanted to come; she was interested, but had to decline and work.

The party went to see Wayland first. Gallagher's was a very dwarfy pub, with steins and good food and a gargoyle chugging beer and eating chips above the door. Crix was pointed by the dwarven bartender to a tall and wiry man with a goatee and colourful clothes, celebrating something with his lower-class mates; this was Wayland, celebrating the lack of a curse. The bartender commented that he was partying hard and had even ordered a pint of Hammer, a dwarven ale with a warning label picturing a dwarf kicking another dwarf in the groin on the keg, so naturally Xar ordered two pints and Gromm had his own.

Gromm held his drink like only a natural 20 can, while Xar got smashed.

"Your FASSE is a BABBY"

Wayland was encountered at the bar and interrogated casually. Apparently he was a fey pact warlock who had dealt with Mab, Queen of Air and Darkness, but despite that (and obviously planning to loot Glummox's tower later) he seemed to be alright. He had been cursed to turn into a horse if he performed a bad deed, and only turn back upon performing a good one, and had made the most of it by running a courier business. Despite all the benefits, turning into a horse a lot clearly annoyed him enough to throw a party when the curse was lifted; perhaps it was harder to do a good deed if, say, he turned into a horse in the privacy of his own home in an upstairs bedroom after swearing.

Wayland explained that he was drinking with his old mates/crime partners and he had bought the Magic Mouth scroll to deliver a court summons to a particularly tricky customer. Satisfied, the PCs left him to drunkenly try and invent a horse ritual and went to find Jeremy, heading to Tramp Way.

Tramp Way was a very run-down place; aside from a soup kitchen, the two popular eateries were Meat Basement, which sold "exotic" meats and thought "special" meat meant they actually told you what it was and it wasn't cat, and Cheap Pies, which sold pies which were stuffed with rats for all anyone knew and slathered in sauce. Other business were "GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS" and "Legitimate Establishment"; neither were investigated, because Jeremy was leaving Cheap Pies as they approached, and confident that he was probably the killer, the party immediately confronted him.

Jeremy had clock towers on his mind, because he thought of that first instead of his home when asked when he was at "the tower" last, and Xar laid out his accusation: Jeremy had stabbed Glummox while he was busy with the ritual, used the Mending scroll to repair his clothes and hide the knife wound, and somehow found a way to frame Glummox for suicide while he was out of the tower. (Others are sure he placed Glummox's corpse on the clock hands, and was well away by the time they turned enough to dump him onto the street.)

Jeremy decided to point behind the party, shout "LOOK, WHAT'S THAT?" and run for it. It worked.

Session Five: Hobo-Based Wizard Combat

<Xar> Man, FUCK the hobos

As Jeremy fled, a skill challenge began! The group had to chase Jeremy through the unfamiliar, hobo-filled streets of Tramp Way, and it didn't look good at the start. Xar took a spill as he tried to dodge a hobo, Gromm tripped on a homeless man, and despite Hedy's spotting of shortcuts Quinn and Crix almost got lost! As Jeremy began to disappear into the depths of Tramp Way where normal folk didn't go, Xar decided to forget being nice, and shoved his way through the remaining hobos! Hedy used them as stepping stones, and Crix laid out an intruding beggar with a punch.

As Jeremy ran through the seedy, dilapidated central streets of the Way, Gromm clawed back some distance with a burst of sprinting, and Quinn threw coins at Jeremy's head to attract the attention of the poor folk, slowing Jeremy down as he had to push through the crowd of hobos. Xar tried one of his own earth-based attacks, tearing up road tiles as the earth reached for Jeremy, but he knew the streets too well and dived into an alleyway. Hedy could see where he was going, though, and accompanied Gromm as he continued to burst ahead of the party and catch up to Jeremy.

Crix followed into the alleyways and managed to wing Jeremy with a ray of frost, slowing him down, while Quinn spotted an alleyway he was sure would get them ahead of Jeremy; unfortunately, it was full of hobos preparing to sleep in it. Xar, having discovered that hobos were more like ambulatory objects than people, picked up a smaller one and used him as a battering ram to clear a path and get ahead. Hedy climbed onto a rooftop to track Jeremy, though her roof-hopping antics were slowed by some really poor building maintenance that caused her to slip. Crix used some of his magic to perform a JUMP, leaping across an alleyway to catch up to Jeremy. The pair were almost there!

Gromm blew up a dog for being in his way, while Quinn managed to convince the hobos (who were curious about all this fuss) to chase Jeremy as well, and Jeremy began to be cornered in the back-roads. Xar prevented him from escaping down a side-road out of Tramp Way with a well-timed fling of his poor, poor hobo, and Jeremy was cornered in an alleyway.

He wouldn't give up without a fight, though. Jeremy used his Adjudicator powers to summon some magical cats and used abilities such as Cat Toss and Wrath of Apertos to keep the group away; fortunately, after some very good rolls and well-aimed spells, his cats were defeated and Jeremy was roughed up, then set upon by hobos who stole his pants.

Gromm interrogated the kid, and found he was a follower of Apertos; he believed that Glummox was an old bastard who had it coming, and Waterhead would flourish without his old, conservative influence. This might be true, but Jeremy was still a dick, so they took him to the nearest guard house and picked up 20 gold pieces each (as well as his Adjudicator Assistant's Gloves, which had prestidigiation and mage hand at-will.:

Jeremy was thrown in a cell warded by Glummox he hadn't bothered learning the right magic to get out of. This was extremely ironic coincidental and hilarious.

It was getting late, so the group went to bed. It was only sensible.