Aaron Wilson

Aaron Wilson
Age: 22
Appearance: White hair, green eyes, mocha skin, toned body
Template: Parapsychic
Refresh: 2
Current Fate Points: 2

Physical: [] [] []
Mental: [] [] [] []
Social: [] [] []

Minor Consequence:
Major Consequence:
Serious Consequence:

Eager College Level Psychic Intern

Aaron didn't always know he was a psychic. He had a semi-normal childhood, a semi-normal adolescence, a semi-normal high school life, at least for someone who's half-Akathar. Then he hit college and everything got weird and went to shit. Lots of things went to shit. Only recently did he connect with the OOI to pull himself out of it. Though still just an intern who's still slowly mastering his powers while attending the local university, he has high hopes of joining the OOI officially, and manages to keep himself eager and optimistic for the future.


College Level Psychic Intern
Soft Hearted Idealist
Bad Blood Mix
Exotic Beauty
The Underworld Hasn't Forgotten You