12 Past Ages

A Brief Timeline of Eras

Note that this is what the party knows so far. Some of these details are not common knowledge to the rest of the world. Some of the details are known by others, but the party hasn't learned of them yet.

1) The Age of Haze. No first Age artifacts are even known to exist. Whatever could've happened in this era is a mystery to all. Even the dragons won't talk about it.
2) The Age of the Humanity's Ascension. Northerners ruled the kingdom, and all was united under the rulership of the first human Icon (and the only Icon for it's age), the True Administrator of All Heaven and Earth. Those who did not bow willingly were bowed by force. The True Administrator's niece was the first Prince of Shadows, sworn to protect their tomb.
3) The Age of the King and Queen. Known only by it's name. PROBABLY refers to the Dwarf King and Elf Queen.
4) The Age of Allure. Magic was invented in this age - and almost immediately abused. It ended in the Spellblaze.
5) The Age of Dusk. An age of petty tyrants and minor warlocks. Magical Post-Apocalypse. It ends with the Spellhunt and the official declaration that magic would no longer be tolerated.
6) The Age of Myssil. The Wilder reigned supreme alongside her nature-powered allies. Anti-magic was the rule and the kingdom settled into a peace guided by the warriors of the Green and druids of the Wilder. Unknown how it ended
7) The Age of Vessh. Little info is known; the spider-like Vessh from another dimension are involved. Ends in the First Crusade.
8) The Age of Darkness. A time when the dark gods were at their strongest, known mostly for it's grand ending: the First Crusade. Even before the Crusade occured the dark gods made their presence known, and spent lifetimes building and readying their chosen bloodlines for their greatest plan. The Crusade itself nearly succeeded, only to dash apart in what should have been it's final conquest, the city of Santa Cora, eaten from within. The Crusader and the Diabolist both made their first appearance here, as did other Icons who've never been seen since, such as the Corruptor, the ruler of the magical arm of the dark gods. The 6th Age ended with the war over Santa Cora as the Crusade turned on itself in its moment of glory. The dark gods have not forgotten this failure.
9) The Age of Saint Ayerial. Little is known; there was a revolution of theological thought, and a new goddess emerged. The Priestess really wants to know more.
10) The Age of Pyre. Known only by it's name.
11) The Age of Ashes. An era of chaos and strife, when the kingdom had no singular ruler, and banditry was the least of your worries. Or so Imperial propaganda in the 12th went.
12) The Age of the Wizard King. Coming from unknown origins, the Wizard King reunited the kingdom and brought about a golden age of order and peace which was to last an eternity. In time the Wizard King fell to hubris and established a magocracy, turning his own efforts to cruelest necromancy. Eventually the people reached a breaking point and rose up against him. The 12th Age ended with the Dragon Emperor's Rebellion and the Wizard King's death - and rebirth into the Lich King.
13) The Age of the Dragon Empire. Blessed publicly by the Great Gold Dragon, and creating deals to bind both the Blue and the Black, the Blessed Emperor - once a mortal warrior - and several other Icons striding beside him crushed the Wizard King's regime and established his own empire. Now mildly deified, the Emperor's bloodline tries to rebuild the shattered kingdom, as current Icons jockey for power and position, the specter of past Icons begins to loom, and social unrest lurks in the alleys.