Magical (or not!) Items of the 13th Age


Armor of Free Thinking - A free mind must also be a guarded mind. This potential paradox was what the anarchist who made this armor had in mind while creating it. Woven into the cloth and leather are enchantments meant to shield the wearer from mental influence. The wearer applies the +1 AC bonus to their MD as well. Wearing it makes you faintly crave coffee. Icon Relationship - The Prince of Shadows

Coral Plate - Despite the name, this set of white, blue, and green armor is most definately light. Made of deeply enchanted pearl and coral, this naga-formed armor fits easily and is designed to deflect attacks away while retaining mobility. A side effect of it's enchantment (or more likely an intended result) allows it's user to move almost as gracefully as it's creators do in the water, while blending in. +1 light armor that allows it's wielder to breath a little (though not forever) in water, and makes them as fast, slippery, and stealthy as a fish. Icon Relationship - None

The Calm - Deep blue silk robes that are equal parts impressive looking and incredible comfortable, The Calm seems almost of elven make. Stitched onto the robes are images of clouds and swirling winds. Despite being light and effortless to wear, it still manages to maintain a bubble of protection around it's wielder, allowing them to lash out against enemies only for them to whiff through in return, much as the storm it promises. On top of being +1 robes, The Calm also doubly enhances its user's connection to wind; the wielder can leap farther and longer, equal to that of a Stalwart. It also dramatically flutters on command. Icon Relationship - The Elf Queen???

The Untouchable - A stylish jacket, similar to the kind worn by dedicated gamblers (and a few con artists) the Empire over. It has small pockets in the sleeves for hiding cards, loaded dice, or the occasional needed dagger, which cannot be detected, not even by magic, and is magical enough to be +1 light armor. More importantly, it has a curious defensive enchantment; whenever the wearer suffers a single blow worth at least half their HP, they gain 150% of that amount as temporary HP (though this fades when the battle ends and does not stack with itself). As some say, to fail, yet live, is to be untouchable. Icon Relationship - The Prince of Shadows


Wraps of the Snow Giant - Barely even considered "gloves," these fur wrappings can be worn by just about anyone, magically resizing themselves to the owner. They were taken from the snow giants after a failed attack on Moonwreck, then given to you by the white dragonflight as a reward for services rendered. 1/session, they allow the wielder to act as if they had the Stalwart Strength of Many talent; if used in battle they can roll a Power Stunt. When worn by Stalwarts their overwhelming strength grows to even more ridiculous levels, allowing them to act as if they had Adventurer Feat without needing to spend said feat.


Belt of Giant Recovery - This massive and slightly stained leather belt was taken from snow giants after a failed attack on the flying magical Minata Acadamy. Easily the size of a human being on its own, it thankfully magically resizes itself to its owner. It grants 1 additional recovery, which heals as a d12 instead of it's normal amount. You've been warned other giants may want it back. Icon Relationship - The Archmage


Wrap of "Air" - This thin, light grey cloak is a loose fit no matter what your size is, but somehow always looks incredibly fashionable. On wearing it, it will randomly (and directly on command) lift itself in the back and deliver a tremendous passing of air. Was once famously gifted to a nobleman who had insulted the Prince as a gift on the night he met with the Emperor. That family isn't very noble anymore. Icon Relationship - The Prince of Shadows

Wrap of Stone - This thick, dark grey cloak is extraordinarily tough, yet bends and flows with ease. While rarely at the height of fashion, it's a strong, dependable cloak even beyond it's magic power. On command (quick action), the cloak grows tremendously in size and wraps round you before turning to stone, shielding you from any incoming attacks; it returns to cloak form at the start of your next turn. Recharge 16+ Icon Relationship - The Dwarf King


Captain's Tricorn - Somewhat out of fashion, but never bad looking, this was the hat the 11th Age's Prince of Shadows wore. Whoever wears it can choose to have their voice boom out so that anyone around can hear it, no matter how loud things are, through any din of battle. Furthermore, when the Escalation Dice hits 3+, all allies gain +2 to their mental defenses as they focus on you as their leader. Icon Relationship - The Prince of Shadows

Selena's Dashing Hat of Returning - Selena's hat has been modified and enchanted to be the ultimate in swashbucklery. Inside the brim is a small extraplanar pocket that can hold a few small items, like gemstones, coins, potions, flasks, or snacks. The hat itself magically teleports back to her head from anywhere in existence at a thought, at a jaunty angle. It is always fashionable, no matter where you are. Icon Relationship - The Archmage


Bear's Fist Fighting Style - Hei was taught this fighting style by Greenclaw. It relies on a mix of slow but powerful attacks intermingled with the occasional wild frenzied flailing swipes. Alongside the actual fighting activity is the Bloomsoul Meditation that helps you connect more readily to the natural world and your body, using your fighting spirit to renew your own strength. Hei can spend one of her recoveries as a quick action; this ability is Recharge 16+. It also causes flowers to bloom around her, which is very pretty. Icon Relationship - The High Druid

Kralnor's Bane - A solid battleaxe meant for two hands, shining bright despite it's obvious wear and tear, with a dwarf standing triumphant over a dragon proudly etched onto the head. Forged by a master smith for the sole purpose of killing the great dragon Kraltor, the same dwarf made the final blow, standing atop the corpses of 20,000 of his dead kinsman. The gold taken from Kralnor's hoard is said to be enough to be worthy of the deaths of twice as many dwarves. Beyond being a +1 battleaxe that deals double damage to dragons, it promises good things to those who wait, and does an additional +1d8 damage if the Escalation Die is at 3 or more. Icon Relationship - The Dwarf King, who wants it back; don't let him know you have it.

Moon - A long, thin, beautiful sword, more appropriate to a noble dandy then a hardened adventurer, Moon is adorned with a single jet black gem on it's hilt and it's name engraved on it's blade. It is obviously intensely magical, though not by any magic of the Archmage or Priestess. On its own, Moon is a +2 rapier; when pointed at any source of light save the sun, the wielder can give a mental command to have that light be extinguished, though if it is a natural light source, this only lasts for about five minutes. When paired with Star, Moon will also deal necrotic damage in any situation where it is beneficial. Icon Relationship - The Prince of Shadows.

Radiant Light - Nikita can summon this power through herself without needing any sort of weapon or implement, which is, suffice to say, rare. She's treated as always having a +1 implement on hand. All attacks done through this also count as holy damage against enemies vulnerable to it (or against enemies resistant to whatever other damage she could be using). She can also push this power inside herself to glow, which might be a neat party trick. Icon Relationship - The Priestess

Staff of Bones - This wooden staff is carved into the shape of numerous bones all stacked and stuck together, capped with a skull. It was the former tool of an unnamed necromancer of a long past Age, crushed by a mysterious hero in dragonscale and bound by the Spellhunt Gem. It acts as a +1 implement and allows the wielder to cast the Control Undead spell. Recharge 16+. Icon Relationship - The Lich King

Star - a wide hilted parrying dagger with a brilliant white-gold gemstone on it's hilt, Star is well balanced and fit for any enterprising duelist. It is obviously magical, and likely connected to the Overworld. On its own, Star is a +2 dagger; when wielded offhand, the user can add +1 AC as if wielding a shield (but with no penalty their class might have), and it can be commanded to glow and act like a light source. When paired with Moon, Star can now be used as a ranged attack weapon; the wielder doesn't so much throw it as they release it, allowing the blade to fly at the desired enemy in a fit of blinding light. When used in this way, Star deals radiant damage and reappears in it's wielders hand immediately as if it never left. Icon Relationship - The Prince of Shadows

Unerring Scalpel - Used long ago in countless horrific experiments, this once ordinary scalpel has soaked in the evil it was used for and has become something more. Acts as a +1 dagger that can cut through any biological material. The scalpel can additionally be invoked to guide itself into the flesh of whoever it's aimed at; before rolling an attack roll, the user may state they are invoking the scalpel; this attack now hits no matter what they roll (though they should still roll to see if they crit!). Recharge 16+. Icon Relationship - The Lich King


Cracked Spellhunt Gem - A tool used by a mysterious hero of a long past Age, this gem absorbs and dispels any magic it touches, though there can be some scale issues, so don't try shoving this at the Archmage. Can be bound or forged into another item for more specific powers. Icon Relationship - The Wilder

Dovasquia the Living - An intelligent book claiming to be a servant of the Crusader from the 8th Age - the first Crusader ever - Dovasquia is an expert on lore relating to demons or the 8th Age It's also absolutely a servant of the Diabolist and is happy to edit what it says to fit the Diabolist's agenda, whatever it may be, but you don't know that. The wielder of Dovasquia the Living is granted a +4 skill related to both demons and the 8th Age Crusade of the holder's choice, though it may take some convincing to work for anyone but Caitlin. Intelligent. Icon Relationship - The Diaobolist Crusader, surely. This item is intelligent.

Lucky Halfling's Foot - A large hairy foot, very recognizably a halfling's, strung on a piece of thick twine; from what look like teeth marks around the ankle you get the impression that it wasn't given willingly. It has been kept somewhat intact with layers of salt and clay but still has a particular odor. While kept on your person, you gain the halfling Evasive power, but you can only use one racial power per battle. Icon Relationship - Nobody wants to claim it

Scroll of Commission - This very thick and verbose legal document grants it's signer one favor from the Diabolist, demanding a favor be done for her in turn. 1/Adventure, the wielder can fill out and sign the document, requesting that favor; on signing it, the Diabolist (or one of her agents) responds back immediately, telling them what they desire in turn. In effect, it acts as a free "5" on a +Diabolist roll one can create at will. Icon Relationship - The Diabolist


Symbols of the Snow Giant Chief - Made from the Belt of Giant Recovery and Wraps of the Snow Giant, this set allows it's user to become truly giantish. They can on mental command cause themselves to grow to giant height, with all the good and bad that may imply. This set is not yet complete.