THE ARCHMAGE: The Archmage, given reign over psionic power, will turn it into a subject to be studied and understood. It will be seen as - and will become - a mental discipline rather then an inborn talent. In time, the position of Archmage may instead become the Great Erudite, master not of the arcane mysteries of the Overworld, but of all learned subjects and powers. This power could bring the 13th Age into a great time of learning and advancement to the empire, but the sins of the Lich King were not personal ones, and they could instead bring about an age of elitism and hubris.

THE CRUSADER: Nope. The Mind-Nomad would kill himself and his own power before he allows this to happen.

THE DIABOLIST: The Diabolist is not interested in hoarding power. Under her "guidance," psionic power would manifest at random, wild and uncontrolled through the populace (though she retains the right to gift it herself). Whether this brings about a time of good or evil is unknown, but it will absolutely be a time of chaos.

THE DWARF KING: The Dwarf King is a hoarder by nature. Psionics will not die out under his control, but nor will they be any less rare then they are now. The understandings of psionics will be dissected and learned to it's full exploitative properties. Dwarven engineers will make magnificent and impossible machines, dwarven merchants will strike unimaginable deals, dwarven craftsmen will make buildings if not cities that defy reality - and non dwarfs? Well, they'll benefit too from this. Probably. On the side, Derro will grow rarer - and more powerful.

THE ELF QUEEN: Psionics will come naturally to all three branches under her guidance. Non-elves, of course, can be granted the power for deeds done to aid elvenkin - and the Queen will be generous - and many gifts given will help ease tensions between her and the High Druid. Oddly, nearly all half-elves will gain and be born with some measure of talent. While the elves will utilize it for graceful and beautiful works of art the world will have never seen, it will, perhaps ironically, end up hurt the elven people; the drow civil war, the high elf politicking, the wood elven isolationism, all will grow worse.

THE EMPEROR: It is not the Emperor himself who will gain this power, but his servants. Imperial diplomats and justiciers will become feared and beloved in equal measures, and the Empire will grow even more united and federalized under his command. Should things turn out for the best, the Empire will grow stronger, more just, and more orderly, as Imperial civil servants utilize psionics to improve the day to day lives of it's citzens. Should things go poorly, the Empire, still militarized since the Great War, will begin to turn their eyes elsewhere, and the people will be forgotten in the light of promised conquest.

THE GREAT GOLD WYRM: In ages past, the paladins and mystics swore a bond to protect this world from threats beyond and evil. With the passing of the Mind-Nomad, the GGW, if given his mantle, will uphold his oath. New paladin orders will simple have always been, dedicated to keeping the enemies of the Dreaming out. Psionic Hunters will wander the Dreaming itself to find it's greatest nightmares and slay them. Though this will push the GGW's forces into even more of a strained position, the darkness that lurks in nightmares will be pushed back - though some may think mortal kin loses something in this.

THE HIGH DRUID: This is, perhaps, where psoinics are meant to belong. The High Druid will add psionics to her list of responsibilities, and both Grower and Myssilite factions will claim it is their responsibility and bicker over it, while both utilize it. How this ends is caught in the High Druid's own future. Should the Myssilites win their inner war, then psionics will return to it's position amongst the ranks of the anti-magical, severing the upper and lower worlds and the magics of those that would use them. Should the Menders win, psionics will be used to aid all the people of the Empire, and to remind wizards that not all magic need come from others, in patience, and not jealousy or anger. And perhaps the 14th Age or beyond may even see the return of the Twins, and a return of commonplace psionic majesty.

THE ORC LORD: I mean, the Orc Lord would find conquering the Kingdom and bringing it to ruin a whole lot easier. If that's really what you want.

THE PRIESTESS: The Priestess will use psionics to become an even greater beacon of good. Her mindweavers will cure people of more then just their physical ailments. Her ardents will bring greater hope and joy to the citizens of the empire. In time, she will may even become the Theurge, and wonders and miracles will become more and more commonplace, her name being spoken more often then even the Emperor. How the other Icons react to this, if they even allow it, is another matter entirely, and should things grow too much, the 14th Age may begin sooner then anticipated in the wake of another great civil war. Or perhaps, even worse, in her naivety, the Priestess will learn why the land of Is-Not belongs where it does, and the serpents will finally lay claim to the land.

THE PRINCE OF SHADOWS: The prince is patron to many. To one side, many Imperial spies will become much more, and their unofficial official head office, House Prosopo, will become some of the greatest investigators the world will ever see. To another side, a terrifying scourge of psionic thieves and murderers will come into play, and the rich will fear for their lives and wealth like they've never done before. To a third side, psionics will likewise become simply a randomized thing the common folk can be born with - and only ever the common folk, for a folk hero must be born with little to nothing.

THE THREE: Dragons hoard. Great dragons hoard creatively. While the Three will all take more then enough psionic power to themselves, enough of it will be spread through the Blue and Black's agents and allies to transform Drakkenhall. It will become a city of oddities and wonders, exotic and strange, but dangerous, too, and starkly influencial. Great dragons plan long term, and the 14th Age may bring a new meaning to the name "The Dragon Empire" - and through the naga, their inflience may spread even farther.


NOBODY: Psionics will die. The wish of Eiram will never be fulfilled. The parabola will sink. The Dreaming will still exist, where those who sleep will find themselves as their eyes close, and there may still be connections in the Underworld, where the laws of the gods do not so easily seperate Is from Is-Not. But by and large, throughout the Empire, psionics will fade and be no more, and with it goes much of the dreams of the impossible. The serpants will have lost, forever, but the ability to dream will be lesser for it.

ONE OF YOU: You ain't Icons yet. Take the power yourself and it will indeed grant you a considerable amount of power - but you'll be abandoning the Dreaming and Newport if you do so. You personally will gain a lot; the Empire and it's people overall will lose far more. Take this option if you want to be evil.