13th Age - A Prequel

The 12th Age has ended! The Wizard King is dead! Long live the Emperor! Long live the 13th Age!

…Is what you were born in. It was only maybe 100 years ago that the Wizard King was cast down through the efforts of…well, just about every other Icon there was or is. His cruel army lay routed. The Dragon Empire has ascended. But things haven't quite cooled down just yet. New Icons are rising as old ones are cast down. A great rebuilding effort spreads across the land. With the end of the Wizard King's reign comes the end of his stability. New living dungeons are rising (or falling, as it may be the case). Now the age for adventurers to make their mark and change the world!

I guess there's you, too.

New or Houseruled Mechanics

Icons as they exist in this game - and a bit more!

Overall setting details

The 12 Ages Past (still under construction)

Recurring NPCs and Past Adventures (massively under construction

New Items!

Politics as pertains to your fortress! (Ignore for now - I'll do something with this later)

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Ran helecate
Trix caitlin
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